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Sawing’s Top 10 
Cutting’s Top 10
Material Handling’s Top 10

By Tim Triplett, Editor-in-Chief

Service center executives reveal their favorite makes of metal processing equipment in this informal brand survey by Metal Center News.

Herr-Voss Stamco, Amada, Messer and Butech Bliss lead their respective categories in Metal Center News’ new Top 10 Service Center Equipment Brands lists for 2010.

Information for these brand rankings was compiled as part of MCN’s Outlook survey conducted in October and November 2009, as well as the magazine’s December 2009 poll of toll processors. Respondents were given an alphabetical list of the 14 largest companies in each product category with instructions to check all they would endorse and buy from in the future. Respondents also had the opportunity to write in additional company names or brands not on the lists.

The final ranking, based on the total number of votes each company received, gives a rough indication of which brands currently command the largest share of mind, and highest levels of customer satisfaction, among service center executives. This methodology does not attempt to rank companies by size or market share, but rather to measure the relative level of brand awareness they have achieved among respondents to MCN’s surveys.

With the economy and capital spending on the upswing, service centers would do well to give these leading equipment vendors careful consideration when making buying decisions.

Coil Processing
Leading makers of coil levelers, slitters, cut-to-length lines, straighteners, edge conditioners, shears, press brakes and accessories.

1. Herr-Voss Stamco—Herr-Voss Stamco, Callery, Pa.: coil leveling, cut-to-length, slitting, multiblanking,

2. Red Bud Industries—Red Bud Industries, Red Bud, Ill.: cut-to-length, blanking, multiblanking, slitting, stretcher leveling,

3. Braner USA/Loopco—Braner USA, Schiller Park, Ill.: leveling, slitting, cut-to-length, blanking, multiblanking, packaging, scrap chopping, traverse winding,

4. Bradbury—The Bradbury Co. Inc., Moundridge, Kan.: coil processing, leveling, shearing, cut-to-length, punching, rollforming,

5. Butech Bliss—Butech Bliss, Salem, Ohio: coil processing, cut-to-length, levelers, rolling mills, extrusion and forging presses,

6. SMS Demag/Pro Eco—SMS Demag, Pittsburgh, Pa.: coil slitting, cut-to-length, leveling, pickling, galvanizing, coating, annealing, strapping, special purpose lines,

7. Formtek/CWP/Iowa Precision—Formtek Group brands CWP and Iowa Precision received mentions in the survey: coil processing, slitting, shearing, cut-to-length, rollforming,

8. Chicago Slitter—Chicago Slitter, Itasca, Ill.: coil handling, slitting, blanking, packaging, scrap handling,

9. Machine Concepts—Machine Concepts, Minster, Ohio: coil processing, leveling, slitting, side-trimming, specialty equipment,

10. DBI—Delta Brands Inc., Irving, Texas: coil processing, cut-to-length, slitting, shearing, cold rolling, pickling, galvanizing, tempering, coating lines,

Leading makers of band saws, plate saws, circular saws, blades, cutting fluids and accessories.

1. Amada—Amada Machine Tools America Inc., Schaumburg, Ill.: bandsaws, circular saws, blades,

2. HE&M Saw—HE&M Saw Inc., Pryor, Okla.: band saws, accessories,

3. (tie) DoALL—DoALL Sawing Products, Wheeling, Ill.: bandsaws, blades, cutting fluids, material handling,

3. (tie) Hyd-Mech—Hyd-Mech Group Ltd., Woodstock, Ontario: band saws, circular cold saws, material handling equipment,

5. Marvel/Spartan—Marvel Manufacturing Co. Inc., Oshkosh, Wis.: bandsaws, plate saws, circular saws, ironworkers,

6. Kasto—Kasto Inc., Export, Pa.: bandsaws, circular saws, hacksaws, automated storage and retrieval systems,

7. Metl-Saw—Metl-Saw Systems Inc., Benicia, Calif.: circular saws, plate saws, cutoff saws, cold saws, extrusion saws, remnant saws, combination saws, material handling,

8. Behringer—Behringer Saws Inc., Morgantown, Pa.: horizontal band saws, plate saws, hacksaws, circular cold saws, structural fabricating equipment,

9. Kaltenbach—Kaltenbach Inc., Columbus, Ind.: circular cold saws, band saws, structural fabricating,

10. Peddinghaus—Peddinghaus Corp., Bradley, Ill.: structural band saws, miter saws, material handling,

Leading makers of oxyfuel, plasma and laser cutting systems and accessories.

1. Messer MG—Messer Cutting Systems Inc., Menomonee Falls, Wis.: plasma, oxyfuel, laser cutting systems,

2. ESAB—ESAB Welding & Cutting Equipment, Florence, S.C.: welding, plasma, oxyfuel cutting,

3. Hypertherm—Hypertherm Inc., Hanover, N.H.: plasma, laser cutting equipment,

4. Trumpf—Trumpf Inc., Farmington, Conn.: laser cutting, machine tools,

5. Mazak—Mazak Corp., Florence, Ky.: cutting tools, machining centers,

6. (tie) Amada—Amada Machine Tools America Inc., Schaumburg, Ill.: bandsaws, circular saws, blades,

6. (tie) Cincinnati—Cincinnati Inc., Harrison, Ohio: lasers, shears, press brakes, stamping presses,

8. Koike Aronson—Koike Aronson Inc., Ransome, Arcade, N.Y.: oxyfuel, plasma, laser, waterjet cutting, welding equipment,

9. Bystronic—Bystronic Inc., North America, Hauppauge, N.Y.: laser cutting, waterjet cutting, material handling, automation,

10. Peddinghaus—Peddinghaus Corp., Bradley, Ill.: plate processing, structural burning, plasma cutting, material handling,

Material Handling
Leading makers of automated storage and retrieval systems, racks, shelving, coil handling equipment, conveyors, cranes, magnetic lifters, and other devices and accessories.

1. Butech Bliss—Butech Bliss, Salem, Ohio: coil cars, stacker lift tables, conveyors, upenders,

2. Kasto—Kasto Inc., Export, Pa.: automated storage and retrieval systems, sawing machines,

3. Caldwell—The Caldwell Group Inc., Rockford, Ill.: pallet lifters, coil upenders, coil hooks and grabs, lifting and spreader beams, mechanical, vacuum and magnetic sheet lifters, lift truck accessories,

4. (tie) Coiltech—Coiltech Corp., Schiller Park, Ill.: coil processing and handling equipment including coil cars, coil upenders, coil grabs, coil lifts,

4. (tie) Walker Magnetics—Walker Magnetics, Worcester, Mass.: magnets for workholding, clamping, lifting, separation,

6. (tie) Alcos Machinery—Alcos Machinery Inc., Newmarket, Ont.: coil packaging equipment including coil cars, turnstiles, turntables, upenders, downenders, stackers, strapping machines, conveyors,

6. (tie) Morris Material Handling—Morris Material Handling, Oak Creek, Wis.: overhead cranes, hoists,

8. Canrack/Metal Center Systems—Canrack Storage Systems Inc., Mississauga, Ont.: racks for sheet, plate, bar, coil products,

9. Cattron—Cattron Group International, Sharpsville, Pa.: radio remote controls for overhead cranes,

10. Avon—Avon Engineering, div. Bushman AvonTec, Butler, Wis.: slit coil packaging and lifting devices including coil cars, tippers, downenders, banding tables, c-hooks, coil grabs and tongs, pallet and sheet lifters, ladle hooks,
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