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Trumpf’s TruTool TSC 100
Cleans Laser Machine Slats
Trumpf Inc., Farmington, Conn., now offers its TruTool TSC 100 next-generation slat cleaner in North America. The unit can be used on flatbed laser machines with an output of up to 7 kilowatts and removes slag from the sides of the slats, as well as in spaces between and right up to the pallet frame. In addition to removing mild steel and aluminium slag, the TruTool TSC 100 removes even stubborn stainless steel slag, the company claims.

The new slat cleaner can be used by one person to clean a standard size pallet of 5-by-10 feet in about 30 minutes. Easy to use, the operator places the tool on any area of the support slats and turns it on. Two vertical rows of toothed tools press onto the slat and move forward through the slats, scraping the slag off each slat with a smooth forward motion. Another benefit of the new tool is that it is able to clean selectively; it can be used on any specific area and then removed. This feature is especially useful when the laser produces smaller parts and only one area of the support slats gets clogged with slag, the company says.

For more information, call 860-255-6000 or visit

Invera, SigmaTEK Pair Up to Offer
Transaction Management Product
Houston-based Invera, the metal service center enterprise software system, and Cincinnati-based SigmaTEK Systems, maker of nesting systems for profile cutting and punching machines, have announced the STRATIX/SigmaNEST, a transaction management product that enables STRATIX inventory and orders to be dynamically downloaded to SigmaNEST and the final optimized nest to be uploaded back without any manual intervention. This new product significantly improves overall company productivity and provides better nesting options, the companies claim.

For plate service centers that perform plate cutting, plate burning, water-jet cutting and laser cutting, the companies say the system can aid profitability in the following areas: real time availability of inventory and remnants to sales; reduction in material costs; improvement in planning staff productivity; improved order profitability; and improved customer service.

The system eliminates the need to manually load inventory and sales orders into SigmaNEST and automatically forwards inventory allocation after nesting. Through the use of bi-directional product code mapping and the real-time transfer of order and inventory transactions, the STRATIX/SigmaNEST product maintains live-update inventory and remnant synchronization. This real-time communication offers users the security that customers’ orders are processed correctly and promptly to ensure accurate order processing, the companies claim.

For more information, call Invera at 514-925-8558 or visit, or call SigmaTEK at 513-674-0005 or visit

Koike Offers New Waterjet Design
Koike Aronson, Arcade, N.Y., has expanded its KOIKEJET waterjet cutting machine line. The company claims its KOIKEJET E Series will be the lowest cost waterjet table equipped with an intensifier-style pump system built in the USA.

The E Series is being developed in conjunction with waterjet pump manufacturer KMT. In May 2011, KMT introduced a low cost system specifically for machines such as the KOIKEJET E Series. Built in KMT’s facility in Baxter Springs, Kan., this new pump system signifies the first time an American-made pump is available at the price of a direct drive pump without sacrificing performance, increasing maintenance, or decreasing reliability, the company claims.

For more information, call 800-252-5232 or visit

Verticent Releases Update of ERP Plus Suite
Verticent Inc., Tampa, Fla., now offers Verticent ERP Plus Release 12.0. Key features in this release include multi-­facility MRP, better credit card processing and new business intelligence reporting technologies. This release further tightens the integration across the enterprise, enabling improved processing and decision support, the company claims. Release 12.0 runs on SQL Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 from Microsoft.

For more information, call 813-226-2600 or visit

Joining Technologies Splices Titanium Coils
Joining Technologies Inc., East Granby, Conn., has added new functionality to its Infinite Web all-in-one coil joiner. The system is noted for its non-contact splicing process that incorporates laser cutting and welding with a single head. The new features will enable the splicing of titanium coils, as well as splicing on a 15-degree bias as an alternative to forming perpendicular joints.

The Infinite Web is said to dramatically increase throughput. The industrial PC-based control system features a touch screen interface, predefined programs for selected alloys, and proprietary self-diagnostics to ensure optimal uptime. Designed to handle material thicknesses from 0.002-inch to 0.040-inch, the Infinite Web uses coaxial optics to verify proper positioning and provide precise and accurate splices. Both cutting and welding operations are automatic and non-contact.

For more information, call 800-266-1966 or visit

Damotech Guard Heads Off Rack Repair Problems
Damotech, Boston, Mass., offers the Damo Super Guard, designed to protect pallet racks in warehouses from damage, typically from forklifts. The Damo Super Guard wraps fully around the rack upright and is anchored by five bolts for durability. The guard is designed to help companies avoid the expense and disruption of sustaining and repairing damaged racks.

For more information, call 877-990-DAMO or visit www.damotech,com.

Pico Chemical Guards Against Corrosion
Pico Chemical Corp., Chicago Heights, Ill., offers the Pico Quench Guard, which the company claims is an environmentally compliant and biostable water-based rust and corrosion inhibitor for use in laser, torch, plasma, waterjet and flame cutting systems.

Pico Quench Guard is said to cool and quench cutting surfaces, help keep nozzles clean and help protect ferrous and nonferrous machinery and processed parts from corrosion for extended periods. The solution contains no oil or petroleum solvents and does not need to be removed before pickling, painting or welding.

For more information, call 708-757-4910 or visit

Jet Edge Intensifier Pumps 3 GPM
Jet Edge Inc., St. Michael, Minn., has introduced the new 150 hp, 60,000 psi iP60-150 waterjet intensifier pump. The Jet Edge iP60-150 waterjet pump is capable of producing up to 3 gallons per minute of ultra-high pressure water for precision waterjet cutting and UHP surface preparation applications. It supports orifices up to 0.025 inch (.64 mm) and features dual intensifier systems.

The iP60-150 includes numerous design improvements, including an efficient kidney loop hydraulic cooling and filtration system, an anti-corrosive interior coated hydraulic reservoir, easy-to-remove lift-off covers, and touch-screen controls. The pump’s motor drive assembly has been mounted on an isolation system to reduce noise and vibration, the company claims.

For more information, call 763-497-8700 or visit

RAPIDO Lasers Fit Range of Applications
Prima Power Laserdyne, Champlin, Minn., offers the RAPIDO Laser System, now made in North America. The RAPIDO is a large work envelope, high-speed, 3D laser processing system used in a wide range of applications.

In addition to high acceleration and rapid traverse speed of 175 m/min, RAPIDO systems produce high-quality cut edges. No costly added operations are needed for preparation of the cut edges for welding, assembly and painting, the company claims.

For more information, call (763) 433-3700 or visit

DCM-Pro Manulift Designed for
One-Handed Operation
Demag Cranes & Components, Cleveland, Ohio, offers the DCM-Pro Manulift electric chain hoist, designed to handle loads quickly and safely with just one hand. Based on Demag’s workhorse DC-Pro electric chain hoist, the DCM-Pro includes a DSM-C control unit that is securely connected to the hoist with a helical cable, and is then rigidly connected to a variety of load handling attachments. It can be operated left-handed or right-handed, and the operator can operate the chain hoist and accurately guide the load with one hand, the company claims.

A quick-disconnect coupling allows any variety of load handling attachments to be attached and detached quickly and easily. A universal coupling pin is used to accommodate Demag and customer-designed attachments. For added versatility, Manulift load handling attachments can also be used with Demag’s DC-Pro line of chain hoists with an easy-to-install adapter. The DCM-Pro Manulift is available in two models and features load capacities of 275 or 550 pounds and lift heights of 9 and 14 feet, respectively. 

For more information, call 440-248-2400 or visit

Sapient Horizontal Carousel Saves Space
Sapient Automation, Doylestown, Pa., offers the Hornet Horizontal Carousel, said to provide users with greater productivity, space savings and increased accuracy for storage and retrieval of small items. The Hornet Horizontal Carousel’s on board Intelligent Machine Health monitoring system reports 24/7 each carousel’s health to the servicing technician and Sapient Automation’s central monitoring center. Pro-active servicing helps assure increased system uptime. A full range of carousel bin sizes, lengths and heights are available.

For more information, call 888-451-9711 or visit

Winkle Enhances Scrap Magnets
Winkle Industries, Alliance, Ohio, has introduced a re-­engineered and enhanced line-up of its scrap magnets developed for use in tandem with all standard makes and models of scrap handling grapples. Updated with the latest version of the company’s proprietary computer modeling software, Winkle’s new OptiMag “G-Series” grapple magnets offer increased lifting capacity with less weight.

Winkle’s G-Series magnets are designed for typical mag-grab applications, where the scrap magnet is permanently fitted into the top of the grapple. Winkle fabricates the magnet to order with the required fitting to suit any make or model of grapple. Unlike most grapple magnets, the G-Series scrap magnets can maintain 75 percent duty cycles in a continuous 24/7 operation, the company claims.

For more information, call 330-823-9730 or visit

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