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Knuth’s ABS 320C Bandsaw
Offers Dual Column Guide

Knuth Machine Tools USA Inc., Lincolnshire, Ill., is offering the ABS 320C fully automated bandsaw with automatic feed and a twin-column guide system. The automatic feed system utilizes a powered pinch roller system with ¾-horsepower hydraulic motor for automated, rapid material advancement.

Designed with a limit switch to cut lengths accurately, the machine also comes equipped with a programmable part counter for exact productivity and lower material waste, and an automatic height adjustment to limit space between the blade and the material so no time is wasted cutting air. The saw frame feed has a variable cutting speed from 65 to 330 feet per minute and a main motor drive rating of 5 horsepower, which provides for sufficient power reserves.

The ABS 320C also offers a rigid, dual-column guide for parallel cuts, a torque-resistant weldment, and a cutting capacity of 13.75 inches by 12.5 inches. The ABS 320C uses new helical gears and a hydraulic cylinder. Knuth claims these gears ensure exceptional quality service, a longer life span and lower overall maintenance, while the large cylinder dimensions ensure continuous consistent and quiet operation.

For more information, call 847-415-3333 or visit

Hypertherm Offers Plasma for Cutting Stainless Steel

Hypertherm, Hanover, N.H., is offering a new 800 amp HyPerformance Plasma system for cutting thick stainless steel and aluminum. In addition to its ability to production pierce 3-inch and sever 6.25-inch thick metal, the system just as easily cuts thin metal without the need to switch torches.

The new HyPerformance HPR800XD system’s thick piercing capability is attributed to PowerPierce, a technology that eliminates the need for pre-drilling and minimizes damage to the torch by using a liquid-cooled shield to repel molten metal during piercing and cutting. In testing, Hypertherm claims there was no damage to its consumables or lessening of cut quality, even after piercing 3-inch thick stainless steel 400 times. From 30 to 400 amps, operators can utilize HyPerformance Plasma processes to mark, bevel and cut mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. This versatility is extended up to 800 amps so operators can also cut thick stainless steel and aluminum with the same system. 

For more information, call 630-643-3441 or visit

Mazak’s STX Mark III Cuts Multiple Products

Mazak Optonics Corp., Elgin, Ill., is introducing the STX Mark III RTC to help job shops differentiate and diversify the services they provide. The machine cuts thin to thick sheets, tubes, pipes, cubic components, taps and even chamfers. A rotary table is standard equipment for cutting round pipe up to a maximum diameter of 14.76 inches and square tubes up to 6 inches. The large 16.14-inch range of Z travel enables users to laser cut preformed parts and other three-dimensional shapes requiring greater cut height. The STX Mark III RTC is available in 2,500- or 4,000-watt configurations and accepts up to a 5-foot by 10-foot sheet of flat material.

For more information, call 847-252-4500 or visit

Idro Line Cutting Machine Available in Three Sizes

Waterjet manufacturer Jet Edge Inc., St. Michael, Minn., has introduced the Idro line 5-axis precision water jet cutting machine. Capable of cutting virtually any material, the Idro line is available in three sizes, 5.5 feet by 6.5 feet nominal, 5.5 feet by 13 feet nominal and 6.5 feet by 13 feet nominal. It features the IKC 5 Axis water jet cutting head, which is capable of making inclined cuts and controlling kerf to ensure optimal part quality. The IKC’s capabilities include 600-degree rotation, a maximum angle of plus/minus 60 degrees, and dynamic precision from plus/minus 0.2 to plus/minus 0.5 millimeters per minute, depending on the tilt of head.

The Idro line’s high-precision ground rack-and-pinion X and Y axes and ball screw-driven 5.9-inch Z axis make it one of the most accurate waterjet systems available, Jet Edge claims. It maintains a cutting tolerance of plus/minus 0.004 inch and repeatability accuracy tolerance of plus/minus 0.001 inch and supports a contouring and rapid feed rate of up to 1,575 inches per minute.  

For more information, call 800-JET EDGE or visit

Techno’s CNC Plasma Cutter Designed for Ease of Use

Techno Inc., Elgin, Ill., has introduced the new HPLC CNC Plasma Cutter Series, designed for small to mid-sized shops that wish to improve their manual plasma process. Every HPLC is built from the same heavy-duty welded steel and precision drive system as the company’s CNC routers. Customers can choose from three standard table sizes, which can handle up to 1 1/4-inch thick material.

For more information, call 800-819-3366 or visit

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