Material Handling Equipment

Caldwell’s Sheet Lifter Offers
Easy One-Person Operation

Rockford, Ill.-based Caldwell’s new model 60M motorized heavy-duty sheet lifter handles bundles, sheets, plates and other materials stacked horizontally. The 60M features low headroom design for optimum lifting capabilities. The standard 460-volt motorized leg adjustment provides efficient one-person operation.

Standard features include rack and pinion leg drive with a self-locking worm. Optional features include end chains with plate hooks, extended grab shoe lengths, and longer legs to increase load clearance. All Caldwell sheet lifters are designed and manufactured to ASME standards. 

For more information, call 815-229-5686, or visit

Alliance Crane Scale Operated by Bluetooth

A below-the-hook wireless crane scale featuring a Bluetooth remote control is available from Alliance Scale, Inc., Canton, Mass.

The Alliance/CAS Caston-IIIBT crane scale’s Bluetooth remote control lets operators position themselves safely up to 350 feet away from loads and has a bright, six-digit 1.5-inch LED display. Suited for weighing brass and stainless steel coils, this battery-powered scale is offered in capacities from 10,000 x 5 pounds up to 100,000 x 20 pounds.

Standard features include a rechargeable battery pack, spare battery pack and charger; manual or automatic on, off, zero, tare and hold functions; auto span adjustment: and auto zero tracking.

For more information, call 800-343-6802 or visit

Sweed Bundle Turner Repositions Plate, Coil

Sweed Machinery Inc., Gold Hill, Ore., has introduced its new Bundle Turner, designed for safe and easy repositioning of large stacks of metal plates and coils. The load turner can rotate loads through 180 degrees while protecting the integrity of the product, Sweed claims.

The compact unit takes up less floor space than a standard C-Turner yet loads and unloads on the same side like a much larger rotating C-Turner. With an open design, all its operating components are within easy reach for inspection, maintenance and repair.

For more information, call 866-507-3667 or visit

Eriez’s P-REX Scrap Drum Designed for Increased Separation

Eriez, Erie, Pa., has introduced the P-REX Scrap Drum to improve separation capabilities for scrap handlers. The P-REX offers superior edge-to-edge separation, no transfer point drop in magnetic force and no decline in performance due to heat rise, Eriez claims.

Because P-REX is a permanent magnet, it extends to the edge of the drum, providing wider and more efficient separation. Also, the ferrous material is transferred and flipped from magnetic pole to pole, resulting in cleaner product and more recovery. Additionally, P-REX’s permanent magnets retain strength during high-heat conditions, when electro drums begin to falter.

For more information, call 888-300-3473 or visit

Hyster Introduces New Stand-Up Lift Trucks

Hyster Company, Greenville, S.C., has introduced the new E30-40HSD2 series of electric stand-up lift trucks. The three-wheel Hyster E30-40HSD2 lift truck series delivers lifting capacities of 3,000 to 4,000 pounds and significant performance and versatility for a wide variety of material-handling operations.

With the ergonomic philosophy of operators making the lift trucks work harder—not the other way around—E30-40HSD2 lift trucks feature suspended floorplates with anti-fatigue mats that absorb and reduce the transmission of vibration and shock to the operator by 25 percent. The trucks also utilize multi-function control handles, as well as other productivity-enhancing features, such as the low-effort hydraulic control, flex-stance compartment and the optional integral sideshift. The operator compartment boasts operator controls that are positioned to allow a side stance or 45-degree stance to maximize comfort, efficiency and visibility. 

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Combilift USA Offers New Electric Lift

Combilift USA, Greensboro, N.C., has introduced the Electric COMBI-CB lift. The new model is said to provide advantages to customers using standard counter-balance forklifts, reach trucks, side loaders or electric 4-way forklifts.

Features on the new model include 5,000- to 6,000-pound lift capacity; 48V, AC technology; multi-direction operation; two-wheel drive and open or full cab. The model also offers an integrated side-shift at plus-minus four inches.

For more information, call 336-314-4262 or visit

Dual-Circuit Vacuum Lifter rotects Precious Materials

Anver Corp., Hudson, Mass., is introducing a new fail-safe, dual-circuit vacuum lifter that incorporates two vacuum systems to handle high-value loads that cannot be dropped.

Anver’s Dual Circuit Vacuum Lifter features all-welded steel construction and is powered by two independent vacuum system circuits, including check valves for each, two separate reservoirs and filters. Designed for high-value loads where a redundant system is desired, various sized beams, cross arms and vacuum pads are offered. 

Custom built in capacities up to 60,000 pounds, the lifter features hand-replaceable quick-change ring vacuum sealing cups. It can be powered by either compressed air or electric vacuum pumps, and options include electric or hydraulic actuated powered tilting systems.

For more information call 800-654-3500 or visit

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