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12-2010 New Products: Material Handling
Material Handling Equipment

New EnKon Lift Table Designed for Automation

EnKon Systems, Walled Lake, Mich., has introduced a new electric ball screw lift table for automation and robotic applications that require maximum control. Control features include long standing static load positioning, accurate repeatability and speed directed by variable frequency drives. The lift system can easily integrate with robotics, conveyors, machines and other automated systems. Precision control capability is ± 0.03 inch.

The electric ball screw lift system, compatible with AC or DC motors, is capable of lifting up to 50,000 pounds. Captured wheel guides prevent the lift’s platforms from tipping, and a catch nut system prevents the lift from falling in the event the load-bearing nut fails. High duty cycle capabilities and low maintenance requirements are additional features.

For more information, call 800-444-4351 or visit

Konecranes Offers Tool Kit to Tailor Cranes to Specific Tasks

Konecranes, Springfield, Ohio, has introduced Smart Solutions, a tool kit of crane features that can be bundled to tailor a new or existing crane to solve specific material handling challenges. Features of Smart Solutions include sway control, positioning control, area control, load float, brake slip supervision and more. These Smart Solutions technologies allow for safer, more controlled movements of loads, resulting in increased productivity, safety and performance, Konecranes claims.

Smart Solutions has been designed to increase productivity without compromising safety. Smart Solutions will protect your crane’s structure by reducing shock load, preventing skewing of the bridge, and preventing overloading. Reducing wear on the crane will considerably help to lower maintenance costs while maximizing uptime.

A vital feature of Smart Solutions is anti-sway technology, called sway control, a Konecranes control feature that prevents the load from swinging during crane travel. Sway control allows operators to safely move loads at higher speeds, while positioning the load more accurately. 

For more information, call 800-934-6976 or visit

Bushman AvonTec System Tracks Slit Coils

Bushman AvonTec, Milwaukee, Wis., has developed Coil-Trac, a system that tracks slit coils as they pass through each station of a packaging line.

Coil-Trac is flexible and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer and packaging line configuration. Coil data and customer specifications are manually entered as coils enter the packaging line. Many kinds of information can be collected including customer identification, lot numbers, weight, required skid type and spacer patterns, etc.

Coil-Trac facilitates processing decisions and tasks through automation and real-time record updates. It provides for seamless transfer of both physical coils and their accompanying data, Bushman claims.

The operator can view the data on any coil, at any time, at any location. This new development in Bushman AvonTec’s custom-engineered packaging solutions increases production and lowers labor and maintenance costs, the company claims.

For more information, call 800-338-7810 or visit

Winkle Redesigns Scrap Handling Magnets

The complete line of Winkle scrap handling magnets, OptiMag, has been redesigned and upgraded using new proprietary engineering software to achieve lighter weights, increased lifting capacity and lower costs for recyclers.

The catalog from Alliance, Ohio-based Winkle provides basic specifications for all scrap magnets. The lineup includes both cast and fabricated casings, aluminum and copper coils and ranges in size from 30 inches to over 100 inches in diameter, as well as a full range of rectangular and octagonal magnets. The scrap
magnets are designated according to their design type and are engineered to achieve optimum lift-to-weight ratios and
superior duty cycles without sacrificing strength and
durability. Winkle also designs and manufactures an unlimited range of specialized lifting magnets for special customer

For more information, call 330-823-9730 or visit

DC-Com Hoists Suitable for Multiple Applications

The new DC-Com chain hoists from Demag Cranes & Components Corp., Cleveland, are designed for a wide range of applications. Standard on the DC-Com is a two-speed motor for accurate positioning, plug-and-play electrical connections to simplify installation and commissioning and an adjustable height control pendant that improves safety and ergonomics. Also included is an overload protection system with slip clutch and limit switches, quick disconnect connections and an easy-to-access control panel for simple and efficient maintenance. 

The DC-Com is available in five different capacities ranging from 275 pounds up to 4,400 pounds. All models easily connect to a variety of Demag’s popular trolleys and electric trolley drives, and are easily integrated with the Demag KBK crane construction rail system.

For more information, call 440-248-2400 or visit

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