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DoALL Introduces New Structural Band Saw Line
DoALL Sawing Products, Elk Grove Village, Ill., has introduced the new StructurALL series of band saw machines, designed to cut all types of structural materials. All machines in the StructurALL family incorporate swiveling scissor-head designs for ease of miter cutting. Other standard features include: rounded band doors, covers and panels, for a sleek modern look; larger pentagonal base for better chip and fluid management; integrated forklift pockets for easier transporting of the machine; standard flood coolant-thru-the-guides system; new “easy-to-handle-n-dump” chip totes; and relocated and improved operator controls

The 400S is the family’s introductory machine. Swiveling 45 degrees, it has a 9-inch high by 16-inch wide capacity for rectangles and 10-3/4 inch rounds at 0 degrees. This manual machine can be equipped with a variety of options to further ease operation, such as pneumatic head-lift and pneumatic vise attachments. Next in the line is the fully hydraulic 500DS. Double-swiveling 45 degrees in one direction and 60 degrees in the other, the 500DS features a 14-by-20 inch capacity for rectangles and 15-inch rounds at 0 degrees. The fully automatic member of the family is the newly designed 500SNC. This model incorporates new, relocated NC touch controls. Now swiveling 60 degrees, the 500SNC features a 14-by-19 inch capacity for rectangles and 14-inch rounds at 0 degrees. Speed of cutting is increased with its 40-inch stroke and 8x multiple index. Adding an optional nesting fixture can increase production exponentially.

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AME Introduces New Carbide Saw Line
Advanced Machine & Engineering Co., Rockford, Ill., has introduced the AMSAW line of carbide saws. Carbide saws can cut 3.75 times the number of square inches that HSS saws can cut, and 8.33 times more than band saws, AME claims.

The AMSAW line is specifically designed to use carbide blades to improve the processing of ferrous and non-ferrous material, bars or billets, rails, profiles, pipes and tubes. Standard features include: highly compact, rigid design; hardened spindle gears ground for minimum backlash; special saw blade guide and dampening device for accurate cutting to stabilize the blade and prolong tool life; low maintenance design; dry operation—no coolant needed; saw blade changeover in less than three minutes; double and triple measurement strokes for extra-length cuts; and fast, dependable chip disposal.

A variety of options are available including stock size measuring, automated length-measuring systems, bar manipulating systems, infeed and outfeed systems and stackers.

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Nishijimax Cutoff Saw Has 9-Inch Bar Stock Capacity
The new Nishijimax NHC-230 CNC Carbide Cutoff System Saw from Pat Mooney Inc., Addison, Ill., features a 9-inch bar stock capacity. Even with this increased capacity, the NHC-230 is still fast and accurate enough to replace three or four production saws, the company claims. The NHC-230 saws 9-inch round 1045 bar stock in 50 seconds and to near finish quality.

Nishijimax’s use of a saw spindle drive system for the NHC-230 allows for 25-70 rpm blade speeds with unusually precise torque control. A 51 HP induction motor drives the saw blade spindle via a reduction gearbox.

The NC saw spindle feed axis ensures that a precise feed rate is set automatically and input chip load is maintained. The saw blade feed rate is controlled via an AC servo motor with encoder, a Mitsubishi programmable servo drive and a precision ball screw. Compared to hydraulic systems, there is no fluctuation for temperature or condition of the oil. Job setup takes less than five minutes with the CNC controller.

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Kaltenbach Circular Saw Offers Faster Cuts
Kaltenbach, Columbus, Ind., has introduced the MSK471NA carbide circular saw to deliver speed, accuracy, surface finish and flexibility. The saw incorporates the latest technological advancements in metal sawing designed to extract maximum performance from today’s disposable carbide blades, the company claims.

Besides fast cuts, outstanding surface finish and close tolerances, the MSK471NA also offers proprietary software and a touchscreen controller to maximize efficiency by minimizing non-productive time to produce more billets per shift, Kaltenbach claims.

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Behringer HCS 150 Cuts Larger-Sized Material
A high-performance, automatic circular cold saw built to be flexible enough to handle volume-cutting applications for larger-sized materials is available from Behringer Saws Inc., Morgantown, Pa. The HCS 150 Behringer Eisele Automatic Carbide Circular Cold Saw complements the company’s line of circular cold saws designed to cut a wide range of materials and sizes.

The HCS 150 is designed specifically to cut materials up to 5.9 inches in diameter for solid rounds and squares up to 5.3 inches in size. All HCS models are designed to cut ferrous metals automatically at 90 degrees with carbide-tipped saw blades. This saw utilizes saw blades with diameters ranging from 14.1 to 18.1 inches and efficiently cuts the toughest metals quickly and cleanly, Behringer claims. The HCS 150 can cut through 1.18-inch diameter 52100 chromium steel in five seconds and 3.5-inch diameter 4142 chrome-moly steel in 18 seconds.

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Koike Introduces Waterjet System
Koike Aronson/Ransome Inc., Arcade, N.Y., has introduced the KOIKEJET waterjet cutting system, which combines the company’s metal-cutting experience with the latest waterjet technologies.

The KOIKEJET features a precision ground ball screw drive for a smooth and accurate cutting motion, as well as laser alignment, initial height sensing and adjustable water level control for improved cutting efficiency, the company claims. The system comes with a KMT ultra-high pressure intensifier pump.

KOIKEJET provides the small kerf and cut angles of waterjet cutting, as well as precise edges that need no secondary operations, with accuracy of 0.0003 inch and repeatability of 0.001 inch. The systems are available in a cutting width of 6 feet and cutting lengths of 6, 10 and 12 feet. Custom sizes are also available. The waterjet can cut a range of metals including steel, aluminum, brass, copper, titanium and armor plate from gauge thickness up to 8 inches.

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Arcus Blade Designed for Cutting Curves, Circles
The Arcus Steel Cutting Blade from Arcus Inc., Louisville, Ky., is designed for cutting curves and circles in steel with a metal cutting circular saw. The company has taken the same contoured cutting shape of its wood and masonry blades and applied it to the metalworking industry.

This new-generation steel cutting 7.25-inch circular saw blade, with 38 carbide teeth, cuts up to 10-gauge steel when cutting curves. Using the aluminum compass guides with pivot point with the new blade is recommended for longer blade life when cutting steel.

Plunge cutting is also possible in four sizes, with the smallest radius of 10 inches. Another benefit of the Arcus, the company claims, is the absence of fumes released during the cutting process.

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