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Behringer Bandsaw Line
for Large-Diameter Tubing

Behringer Saws Inc., Morgantown, Pa., offers a new line of bandsaws engineered to accommodate and cut large-diameter tubing quickly and efficiently. The HBP-800AXL Automatic and HBP-800XL Semi-Automatic Series bandsaws deliver all the performance and capabilities of standard HBP-800 Series bandsaws cutting solid bars and structurals up to 31.5 inches. In addition, these new bandsaws allow for the cutting of tubes up to 39 inches in diameter.

HBP-800 bandsaws feature a frequency-controlled 14.7 horsepower main drive motor with a variable speed range of 55 to 393 surface feet per minute, which is easily selected at the operator’s control panel. Hydraulic and hardened clamping jaws on the bandsaw ensure steady and precise cuts at all speeds, the company claims.

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Koike’s Turning Roll Prevents Vessel Drift

Koike Aronson Inc./Ransome, Arcade, N.Y., introduces the Anti-Drift Turning Roll, which uses Koike’s Eccentric Axle Design to minimize vessel drift. The Anti-Drift Turning Roll allows for a lower vessel centerline height and holds the vessel on rolls axially in position within plus-minus 0.04-inch. It automatically compensates for vessel irregularities and roll misalignment, making corrections quickly and with little force.

The Anti-Drift’s simple, low-maintenance design eliminates unreliable moving bases and vertically moving wheels, Koike claims.

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Knuth Offers Compact Waterjet Machine

Knuth Machine Tools USA, Lincolnshire, Ill., is offering the Hydro-Jet Eco 0615 S, a compact machine design featuring a high-precision, low-cost waterjet cutting system. The Hydro-Jet allows small business owners to manage deadlines and quality control by bringing outsourced work in-house with minimal installation.

The versatile water-jet cutting solution offers distortion free, contour cutting on virtually any type of material including coated and uncoated metals, aluminum, copper and stainless steel, Knuth claims.

Equipped with a software package for quick programming on an integrated PC control with graphical user interface, the Knuth waterjet technology features a cold-cutting process, which eliminates thermal stress at the cut edges and ensures that the material structure is not altered because there is never any direct contact pressure applied to the cut material. Despite high kinetic energy, this pure-water and abrasive cutting equipment ensures high precision cuts without creating any fraying or burrs, the company claims. 

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New Pinpoint Laser Kit Performs Multiple Tasks

Pinpoint Laser Systems, Peabody, Mass., offers the new Proline Alignment Kit, a visual laser system for checking and measuring straightness, flatness, squareness, parallelism, leveling and many other tasks. This kit combines the features of a transit, an infinitely long straightedge and laser alignment system in one compact, portable product.  

The Proline Laser produces a crisp, collimated laser reference beam that forms a bulls-eye pattern for easy visual alignment and precise measuring. The laser is enclosed within a precision machined housing, ensuring that the laser reference beam is parallel to the side and base surfaces within 0.003 degree, or 0.030 inch at 50 feet. This level of accuracy is ideally suited for setting straight machinery runs, aligning production equipment, transferring mechanical points, locating shafts and bearing mounts, aligning belts and pulleys, and many other industrial tasks, Pinpoint claims.

A finely ruled target and magnetic base are easily moved around for checking alignments, allowing one person to perform the work of several. The kit includes a leveling base so the laser can measure flat planes and machined surfaces.  

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SineWave Designed to Cut Aerospace Alloys

Recognizing the unique cutting challenges faced by processors of aerospace alloys and other work hardening applications, Fitchburg, Mass.-based Simonds International has launched the SineWave, its new oscillating band saw technology. SineWave uses a rocking motion that forces each tooth of the band saw blade to penetrate the work. The blade grows in width, creating a self-feeding action that delivers faster cut times and a range of environmentally friendly benefits, the company claims.

When compared to traditional abrasive wheel cutting, SineWave technology cuts a significantly thinner kerf path, minimizing material waste; consumes a fraction of the electricity of abrasive wheels, even on the largest band saw machines; does not create high-heat conditions, thereby eliminating the entire operation of trimming the face pieces after the initial cut; and it produces significantly less heat in the cut process, reducing the amount of cutting fluid that is used and evaporated into the environment, according to the company.

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