Material Handling

Vacuum Tilter-Rotator Handles Large Sheets
Anver Corp., Hudson, Mass., has introduced a hoist-operated vacuum-powered tilter with manual rotation for reorienting and positioning large sheets of material. The Anver PF Series Vacuum Tilter-Rotator is a below-the-hook lifter with 90-degree powered tilting and 360-degree manual rotation to let a single operator reorient and position large sheets. Featuring quad-spring mounted vacuum suction pads that are easily adjustable along a 10-foot beam, the work positioner has fully integrated pendant controls on the handlebar.

Allowing workers to easily change load orientation during a process, the Anver PF Series Vacuum Tilter-Rotator is designed for loads up to 1,000 pounds. Supplied in models powered by compressed air or 115 VAC, standard features include an ergonomic handlebar, a vacuum gauge and leakage sensor with audio-visual alarms, and a wide selection of rubber vacuum suction cups.

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Motor Rewinds Renew Cranes
Morris Material Handling, Oak Creek, Wis., is offering motor rewinds to renew crane motors affected by age and usage. Motor rewinds can revive original performance and quality, enhance reliability and extend the life of the motor. Motor rewinds restore the crane motor back to its original condition, rather than reverse engineering the motor, which can lead to performance loss. Technicians analyze and pinpoint causes of failure through a detailed 50-point repair summary, returning the motor to its original performance standards by repairing and replacing components according to the requirements of the specific motor, including: correct wire size, sufficient varnish adhesion and insulation, correct end turn tension and adequate assemblies.

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Magnet Operates Remotely for Added Safety
Walker Magnetics, Worcester, Mass., has introduced the world’s first Circular Electric Lift Magnets with IR wireless remote to allow operators to lift 4,000 pounds with one finger. The deep penetration of their magnetic field make CER magnets less susceptible to adverse surface conditions than any other self-contained magnet, Walker claims. The CER Series has six models to fit a variety of lifting applications.

CER magnets are suited for in-plant handling of steel plate, flat stock, castings, forgings or machined components in all types of industrial plants, machine shops, fabricating shops and steel warehouses.

Safety features of the CER Series with wireless remote allow it to be controlled from up to 15 feet away; no more climbing on a load to switch it on or off. On-board push buttons are used to attract and release work pieces when desired. The release is a two-button design for added safety in both the remote and the on-board rectifier. The CER with remote won’t lift if the contact isn’t secure, and it cannot shut off accidentally when a lift is in progress.

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Portable Scale Designed for Long Products
Alliance Scale Inc., Canton, Mass., offers a Portable Rack Scale that has been custom-fabricated to weigh and transport pipe, rod and bar stock weighing up to 12,000 pounds in-plant or on-site. Featuring a pedestal mounted Rice Lake IQ Plus 590-DC weight indicator, which has an easy-to-read 1-inch-high six-digit LCD display, it is powered by six C-cell alkaline batteries and includes an EDP port for full duplex, RS232 communications.

Suited for a wide range of applications, the Alliance Portable Rack Scale rolls on rugged, locking wheels and casters and includes an AC power adapter. Equipped with a full numeric keypad, the weight indicator lets users enter piece and tare weight, calibration and sample size.

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Chain Hoist Has Extended Service Life
The DC-Pro Chain Hoist from Demag Cranes and Components, Cleveland, includes many standard safety and performance features to allow users to achieve superior levels of performance, safety and productivity through reduced downtime, increased duty cycles, easy maintenance and improved ergonomics, the company claims. The DC-Pro Chain Hoist is available in 275- to 11,000-pound capacities with two different control configurations: standard with a pendant control or as the DCM-Pro with Demag’s Manulift control pendant for safe and easy handling of loads with only one hand.

The DC-Pro has an extended service life of up to 1,900 hours, a 20 percent improvement in comparison to conventional 2m FEM classified chain hoists. This results in increased time between service intervals and general overhauls. Many components are maintenance free for up to 10 years. These features allow the hoist to be more productive and result in lower operating costs, the company claims. Safety features include brakes that do not require adjustment and clutches that provide protection against overload and slippage.

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Material Handling System Boosts Laser Throughput
Cincinnati Inc. Cincinnati, Ohio, brings higher throughput to its laser cutting systems with its new Cincinnati Modular Material Handling System. The company claims the system boosts productivity of CL-800 series dual-pallet laser cutters, reducing cost per part and allowing unattended operation for up to three shifts via automated load/unload of raw materials and finished parts.

Engineered, manufactured and serviced by Cincinnati, the MMHS optimizes material flow and laser burn time. The overhead rail design allows shops to tailor automated sheet and part handling to existing floor space and today’s processing needs, while assuring easy system expansion to serve multiple laser cutting systems as laser activity grows, the company claims. System components include a cell controller, transporter, safety system and optional over/under carts capable of carrying up to 12,000 pounds each.

The transporter uses vacuum cups to deliver 5-foot by 10-foot or 6-foot by 12-foot sheets to the laser, and a sheet peeler ensures one-sheet-at-a-time delivery to the laser. Servo-controlled fingers unload finished parts from the laser to the over/under carts or floor pallets. The transporter handles sheet thicknesses from 20 gauge to 0.75 inch.

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Radio-Frequency Tag Tracks Steel
International Coding Technologies Inc., Lynnfield, Mass., has released a rugged RFID identification system for steel processors and fabricators. A single tag, Steel-Code, combines a human readable format with a bar code and RFID all on one label. This label is sealed in a watertight, dustproof plastic unit that attaches to the steel to track it from inception to its final destination.

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Smart Crane Communicates with User
KCI Konecranes, Springfield, Ohio, is introducing an industrial crane, SMARTON, said to maximize customer productivity and minimize total lifecycle costs. SMARTON can be used in industrial sectors such as steel handling and warehousing, automotive, general manufacturing, power, workshops, automatic storage systems and mining. Depending on the setup, the crane can lift loads ranging from 30 tons to more than 500 tons. The product’s intelligent yet simple Human Interface to Machine system keeps the user continuously up to date on not only the weight of the load, but also its position relative to the available workspace.

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Motorized Grab Designed to Protect Coils
The Caldwell Group Inc., Rockford, Ill., offers the Strong-Bac motorized coil grab, which the company claims is easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to upgrade. Standard safety features such as anti-clamp, toe rollers, and lock-out limit switch provide precise control of the lifter and protect the coil from damage. The enclosed drive system is protected yet easily accessible for inspection or maintenance. Grabs are designed to current ASME B30.20 and BTH-1 standards, design category B, service class 2. Several options are available, including ID sensors, urethane padding and custom designed sizes.

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Lift Trucks Provide ‘Power-on-Demand’
Hyster Company, Greenville, S.C., has launched a new series of lift trucks with a lifting capacity in the 55,000- to 70,000-pound range. The Hyster H550-700HD models are suited for a wide variety of applications including steel manufacturing and loading general cargo.

The newly designed models combine new features including the ComforCab II operator compartment, developed for enhanced operator comfort. In addition, the hydraulic system has been redesigned for optimal reliability and to lower the truck’s operating cost. With its new Power-on-Demand load-sensing hydraulic system, the hydraulic fluid is only pumped when the system is required to do work. At low-load conditions, drivers won’t need to rev the engine to receive fast hydraulic speeds.

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Cattron Joystick Controls Up to Four Motions
The new LRC-M1 joystick controller from Cattron Group International, Sharpsville, Pa., offers safety and reliability for industrial cane applications, controlling up to four motions with two ergonomic, multi-axis joystick controllers. The trolley/hoist selector, two auxiliary push buttons and toggles are mounted on an impact-resistant Lexan EXL housing.

EOT cranes using remote controls can be standardized to the LRC-M1, saving time and money, the company claims. As part of Cattron’s new Cattron Control product series, the LRC-M1 wireless system uses an external TransKey RFID configuration for efficient operations.

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