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December 2009

2009 Service Center Executive of the Year
Mike Petersen, President of Petersen Aluminum Co.

Mike Petersen’s oversight of the family business, transforming it from a simple service center to a major manufacturer and distributor of architectural products, combined with his long record of industry leadership, have earned him the distinction of the 2009 Metal Center News Service Center Executive of the Year.

Rebar Makers Betting on the Come
With prospects for nonresidential construction still so uncertain, some producers’ plans to add rebar capacity are raising eyebrows.

Spotlight on Technology:
Coming to a Service Center Near You: Milling Routers
Will high-tech CNC milling routers soon become commonplace on service center shop floors?

From the Editor's Desk
Service Center Survivors
All Deserve Recognition

By Tim Triplett,

Business Topics
Tax Act Makes a Plus Out of Losses
By Mark E. Battersbyt
September 2014: No. 1 Ranking Has a Nice Ring to Reliance
September 2014: 'What the Heck Do You Mean I Have to Give the Money Back!'
The Cutting Edge, a service center technology supplement to Metal Center News
Summer 2014
Trumpf Expands Range on TruMark 5000 Series
Koike Aronson Debuts New Plasma Cutter
Miyachi Unitek's Sigma XY
New TMC is Messer's Largest Cutting Machine
Laserdyne 795 XLZ Designed for 3D Parts
Mazak's STX Champion Cuts Thick Sheets

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2014 Directory of Master Distributors
Not Published on This Web site
The Metal Center News Directory of Master Distributors—distributors who sell to other distributors—is an invaluable tool for service centers seeking new sources for special or hard-to-find products. Master distributors play an important role in the marketplace, giving service centers an alternative to buying in mill quantities and helping to remove redundant and excess inventories from the distribution channel.

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2014 Directory of Toll Processors
Not Published on This Web site
Metal Center News'
annual toll processing directory is a simple-to-use resource to help companies locate service providers that can meet their specific processing needs.

Print copies are available for $85 U.S. for each copy. Download Order Form.
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