Service Center IT Strategies
for Difficult Economic Times

The IT choices you make today will likely determine whether your service center emerges from this downturn lean and competitive, profitable or not.

Meeting Customers’ Metal Specifications 
Are you up to spec? Service centers need systems that help them meet ever-tightening customer specifications.

Streamlining Operations with Software Integration
Getting various software programs to talk to each other and work together is the key to a truly efficient system.

Following the CRM Trend
Customer Relationship Management technology continues to mature and evolve, even into the budding applications of cloud computing and social networking.

Ins and Outs of Inbound and Outbound Logistics
How service centers can optimize material handling, control costs and automate the receiving and delivery functions.

Website Integration: “Form” AND “Function”
It’s time for your website to be functional, as well as informational.

Smart Phone Apps for Service Centers
Smart phone technology has found its calling in managing metals.

Quoting the Best Prices in Any Market Condition
To help their salespeople win business without leaving margin dollars on the table, leading metals service centers are embracing a scientific, data-driven approach to determining the optimal prices for every quote.

Offering Better Sales Incentives with Commission Tracking Software
Software developers now offer tools that give service centers a better way to track the commissions they offer as sales incentives.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016