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Jet Edge Waterjet Uses Two Cutting Heads
Jet Edge Inc., St. Michael, Minn., has introduced the Mid Rail Gantry Model MR513 waterjet cutting machine. Capable of processing material up to 5 feet by 13 feet, the unit cuts complex parts from virtually any material without creating a heat affected zone. The Mid Rail Gantry comes standard with one abrasivejet cutting head. A second cutting head can be added to increase productivity. Optional mirroring makes it possible to cut large parts twice as fast, the company claims. 

Mid Rail Gantry waterjets utilize an industrial PC controller and can be configured so that all three axes are fully programmable (Z optional). They feature direct-couple AC brushless digital servo motors and single or double carriages. Critical bearing components are protected with heavy metal covers with brush seals.

The Mid Rail Gantry is powered by a Jet Edge waterjet intensifier pump. Jet Edge offers a range of waterjet pumps on the market, from 25 to 280 hp, including 36KSI (2500 bar), 60KSI (4100 bar) and 90KSI (6200 bar) models. Electric and diesel pumps are available.

For more information, call 800-538-3343 or visit

Tanaka Plate Laser Features Gas-Flow Technology
Penn Stainless Products, Quakertown, Pa., has installed one of only two Tanaka LMX VII 6kW TF6000 plate laser systems in North America. The TF6000, supplied by Metal Processing Systems, Inc., features Tanaka’s gas-flow technology option to achieve high-quality finish and edge condition after cutting. It can cut stainless steel up to 1-1/8-inch thick, with a cutting envelope of 13 feet wide by 62-feet long.

The Tanaka TF6000 plate laser system cuts to a tolerance of +/- 0.10-inch depending on size and gauge, with a 0.020-inch beam and within less than 1-degree taper. The system can also cut a hole that is less than half the thickness of the material being cut, a feature said to be unique to the TF6000. The Tanaka unit’s cutting technology also results in a very small heat affected zone (0.012-inch), making it possible to tap a laser-cut hole without secondary operations typically required to avoid breaking the tap in the process, the company claims.

For more information, call Penn Stainless at 800-222-6144 or visit

Simonds Granted New Bandsaw Patent
Simonds International, Fitchburg, Mass., has been granted a patent for its new A8 BroadBand blade design. In an effort to deliver improved bandsaw performance and technology, Simonds developed a proprietary A8 algorithm, which rethinks bandsaw tooth placement and sizing. The A8 patent provides Simonds with a unique product solution for customers that are facing sawing challenges associated with shock, abrasion and heat, the company says.

The tooth spacing differentials are great enough to dampen vibration, but are also uniformly spaced enough to optimize the distribution of wear. The ratio of spacing, teeth within a pattern and the sequence with which teeth are presented all help to achieve maximum tool life and withstand a higher level of abuse than conventional bandsaw blade tooth designs, say company officials.

The A8 patent is currently in production on a number of Simonds’ bandsaw product families, including: BlockBuster, IC Enduro, Triple Chip Carbide, VPST Carbide, BlockBuster SineWave and Triple Chip Carbide SineWave Products.

For more information, call 800-343-1616 or visit

TRUMPF Offers Choice of Resonators
TRUMPF Inc., Farmington, Conn., offers lasers with three different resonator technologies—TruCoax and TruFlow CO2 resonators and the fiber-guided solid-state TruDisk laser.

TRUMPF’s TruMatic 7000 provides both scratch-free punching and laser processing with the TruFlow CO2 laser to yield high-precision results. The machine comes in two formats, medium and large, and can process sheet metal up to 5/16-inch thick. It features 4kW of laser power for the highest cutting dynamics, along with productive punching with a maximum stroke rate of 1,200 strokes per minute in the medium format, 1,000 strokes per minute in the large format.

For more information, call 860-255-6000 or visit

Double Pulse Cutting Band Saw Reduces Vibration
Amada Machine Tools America Inc., Schaumburg, Ill., offers the PCSAW700 featuring double pulse cutting technology, which achieves maximum blade efficiency by reducing vibration and cutting resistance, the company claims.

The machine features a special pulse drive motor said to virtually eliminate vibrations created by the longitudinal force of the cutting process. It has a cutting capacity up to 27.6-inch diameter (round) or 31.5-inch by 27.6-inch (rectangle) materials.

For more information, call 800-877-4729 or visit

Mitsubishi Intros New 2D, 3D, Hybrid Lasers
Mitsubishi, Wood Dale, Ill., is unveiling its new eX 2D laser machine, which delivers low running costs, eco-friendly features for power and gas consumption, and stable operation for up to 1.4 times greater productivity, the company claims. The eco mode cuts running costs by up to 90 percent during standby. Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by 30 percent. The machine’s new compact design provides a small footprint without reducing table size.

Mitsubishi’s new 2D hybrid laser, the HVII, offers easier setup, an expanded processing area and enhanced productivity. Travel in the Z-axis is two times faster than previous models, cutting part-to-part transition time in half, the company claims.

Mitsubishi’s new VZ Series 3D lasers are said to offer accuracy and flexibility in complex applications. These 5- and 6-axis systems feature Mitsubishi’s CFR (Cross Flow Resonator) technology, which reduces the rise time/fall time of square wave pulse. This provides a more consistent beam power during the cutting process and delivers a more brilliant and consistent edge quality. Additionally, the uniform low current discharge provides low power stability for improved micro-machining and etching, according to the company.

For more information, call MC Machinery Systems Inc. at 630-616-5920 or visit

Hypertherm Expands Fiber Laser Line
Hypertherm Inc., Hanover, N.H., is expanding its HyIntensity Fiber Laser product line with the introduction of two new systems. The systems, a 2.0 kilowatt system for thicker metal cutting and increased productivity, and a 1.0 kilowatt system for thinner applications, join a 1.5 kilowatt system unveiled last year.

The HyIntensity Fiber Laser systems are designed to work together as one complete cutting solution. The fiber laser supply, cutting head, automatic gas console, operator interface consoles, motion controls and software are all combined into one integrated package.

For more information, call 800-643-0030 or visit

LaserMat Cuts Large Steel Plates
Messer Cutting Systems, Menomonee Falls, Wis., offers the LaserMat cutting system for cutting large format steel plates. The laser resonator sits on the machine and travels with it in the longitudinal axis. This enables large working areas while maintaining a constant length of the laser beam path and thus consistent cutting parameters over the entire operating area. Beside simple vertical cuts, bevel cuts are also possible and various marking options are available.

The LaserMat offers high positioning speeds of 60m/min per axis and positioning accuracy of +/- 0.1 millimeter because of its rigid construction and linear guides. It can process plates 3 meters by 12 meters in one operation, the company claims.

For more information, call 262-255-5520 or visit

AMSAW Carbide Saw Line Cuts Faster
The AMSAW line of carbide saws from Advanced Machine & Engineering Co., Rockford, Ill., is designed to use carbide blades to improve the production of ferrous and nonferrous material, bars or billets, rails, profiles, pipes and tubes. It can cut 3.75 times the square inches of HSS saws and 8.33 times more than band saws, the company claims.

Standard features include: a highly compact, rigid design; hardened spindle gears ground for minimum backlash; a special saw blade guide and dampening device for accurate cutting to stabilize the blade and prolong tool life; low-maintenance design; dry operation with no coolant needed; saw blade changeover in less than three minutes; double and triple measurement strokes for extra length cuts; and fast, dependable chip disposal, according to AME.

A variety of options are available including stock size measuring, automated length measuring systems, bar manipulating systems, infeed and outfeed systems, stackers and other special features.

For more information, call 815-962-6076 or visit

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