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Metal Flow Offers Material Handling Solutions

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The March issue of Metal Center News will feature a new supplement. Following the blueprint of our August special section, IT Solutions, and our November publication, Cutting Edge, is Metal Flow, a supplement designed to address the material handling needs of the distribution industry.

Moving metal effectively and efficiently through a service center is one method companies can employ to cut costs from their business, an instrumental objective in a market where margins are continually compressed. And from racks and shelves to packaging, from conveyors to cranes, there are numerous places in the warehouse to gain an edge. Or, incur unnecessary expenses.

The idea behind Metal Flow is to allow the manufacturers of material handling equipment to address the material handling questions you have as a service center operator. We’re inviting our material handling equipment makers to demonstrate their expertise in providing innovative solutions to your most vexing problems.

Material handling equipment makers who would like to participate in this first-time endeavor are asked to submit their material to me by early February for inclusion in this supplement. More details about the supplement can also be obtained by emailing me at