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AISI Applauds Biden’s Made-in-America Order

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Kevin Dempsey, president and CEO of the American Iron and Steel Institute, expressed the association's support for President Biden’s signing of an executive order to strengthen Buy America and other made-in-America domestic procurement programs that require, among other things, that American steel be used in federally funded projects.

“Strong domestic procurement preferences for federally funded infrastructure projects, known as Buy America, are essential to ensure that taxpayer dollars are used to procure American steel and other made-in-America products – and have helped create manufacturing jobs. Recent studies have also shown that the American steel industry is the cleanest and most energy efficient of the leading steel industries in the world," the letter from AISI read.

“We strongly support President Biden’s action today.  We are pleased that today’s executive order will tighten up the process for considering waivers to existing domestic preference requirements and will also increase domestic content requirements for defining what constitutes a product that is made in the United States.  We applaud President Biden for affirming his commitment to ‘Build Back Better’ by enforcing and improving programs to ensure taxpayer dollars are used for products made in America – most significantly, the use of American steel," the letter concluded.

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