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Brass Mill Imports, Exports Decline in September

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U.S. imports and exports of brass mill products decreased in September compared with the corresponding 2018 period, reports the Copper and Brass Fabricators Council, Washington. Imports of brass mill products in September totaled 37.9 million pounds, an 8 percent decline, while exports fell 6 percent to 18.1 million pounds.

For the year to date, brass mill imports totaled 384.5 million pounds, a decrease of 2.6 percent. Year-to-date exports were down 15.5 percent to 163.3 million pounds.

Mexico was the leading destination for U.S. exports of brass mill products in September at 5.9 million pounds, followed by Canada at 5.8 million pounds, China at 917,063 pounds, Brazil at 477,164 pounds and Hong Kong at 450,592 pounds.

Imports from Germany in September totaled 8.6 million pounds, followed by Vietnam at 5.3 million pounds, Mexico at 3.4 million pounds, South Korea at 3.3 million pounds and Canada at 2.9 million pounds.

Imports of all sheet, strip, plate and foil products totaled 12.7 million pounds, while exports of those products totaled 6.3 million pounds. Imports of all pipe and tube products totaled 14.8 million pounds, while pipe and tube exports totaled 3.6 million pounds. Imports of all profiles, rods and bars totaled 7.8 million pounds, while exports totaled 6 million pounds. 

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