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CBSA Adjusts Shipment Report

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The Copper and Brass Servicenter Association has implemented new reporting measures for its monthly shipment report. The Overland Park, Kansas-based trade group is now breaking down its shipments into five primary groups: Copper Strip & Sheet; Copper Plate; Copper Rod/Bar/Profile/Hollow; Copper Tube & Pipe; plus Finished Goods in dollars.

The month-to-month reporting will begin again with the December report. After a year of data collection using the new product breakouts, the year-to-year and year-to- date comparisons will be reinstated.

“We regret this disruption in service but the goal for this change is to have the most meaningful data for CBSA members and we also want to provide the most accurate data possible,” Liz Novak of the CBSA explained.

MCN will begin presenting the data with November’s report.