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Crude Steel Production Dips in April

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Global crude steel production in April totaled 161.4 million tons, a 2.4 percent decrease compared with the prior month. Year-to-date production for the 63 countries reporting to worldsteel is 622.7 million tons, down 0.3 percent.

Production in North America declined 4.6 percent to 9.2 million tons, while year-to-date production was down 3.8 percent to 36.2 million tons. The U.S. produced 6.6 million tons, down 5.3 percent.

Elsewhere, global leader China saw production dip 1.5 percent to 92.6 million tons in April, while Indian production increased 3.2 percent to 10.7 million tons.

Of the steel producing regions, only three increased output in April compared with the same month last year: Africa, the Middle East, and Russia, other CIS and Ukraine. All other regions declined, with EU production falling 11.7 percent to 11.1 million tons and other European production falling 17.3 percent to 3.5 million tons.

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