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Global Steel Production Down Through First Quarter

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World crude steel production declined 5.8 percent in March compared with the same month last year, the World Steel Association reported. Global production in March totaled 161 million tons.

Total global production of 456.6 million tons through the first quarter was down 6.8 percent compared with 2021.

A 6.4 percent decline in China was the driving force behind the overall drop in March. Chinese production of 243.4 million tons in the first three months was down 10.5 percent from 2021.

The U.S. produced 7 million tons in March, a dip of 1.7 percent from the prior year. Through the first three months, U.S. production of 20.3 million tons was down 0.4 percent. Overall, North American production of 9.7 million tons was down 2.8 percent in march, and first-quarter production of 28.1 million tons was down 0.9 percent.

The only country to see production growth in March among the globe’s top eight steelmakers was India. The country produced 10.9 million tons in March, a 4.4 percent increase. Brazil also upped production 5.4 percent in March to 3 million tons.

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