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Greenway Steel Joins NASA

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The North American Steel Alliance has welcomed Greenway Steel to the buying cooperative. The company joined NASA today as an operational supplier. 

Greenway Steel advocates for a sustainable global steel industry, the metals supply chain, and manufacturing. The company provides industry solutions in support of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Strategies, knowing your carbon footprint, as well as supporting risk management, with offsetting and REC solutions.

“The team at Greenway Steel are excited to join the North American Steel Alliance, as a Preferred Operational Supplier. When we think of sustainability in our metals supply chain industry, we have much respect for the high quality, independent, Member-Owners of NASA.  Truly focused on sustainability, many of these companies represent multi-generational family involvement. And we consider it a great responsibility to develop solutions, and provide service, in support of their long-term success," said Randy Charles, Greenway founder.