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NAM Forms Infrastructure Group to Spur Action

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A coalition of national organizations led by the National Association of Manufacturers and Association of General Contractors has sent a letter to the Senate urging passage of a long-term, robustly funded surface transportation reauthorization bill ahead of Sept. 30, 2020 deadline.

More than 150 trade organizations are included in the Infrastructure Working Group, including the Metals Service Center Institute, Fabricators and Manufacturers Association, and American Iron and Steel Institute. The group “demonstrates the breadth of the industries impacted by America’s deteriorating infrastructure,” according to information from NAM.

“There’s broad agreement about the need for effective, efficient infrastructure. We’re standing together to push for action, and now Congress needs to pass infrastructure legislation on time,” said NAM Director of Infrastructure Catie Kawchak.

NAM data reveals under-investment in U.S. infrastructure worsens by the year, and infrastructure investment is only one-third of what it was in 1960. As a result, more than 54,000 bridges across the United States are rated “structurally deficient,” and a majority of our roadway are in less than good condition. Ports and waterways are in disrepair, airports and runways are clogged and congested.

NAM notes that it’s not just transportation infrastructure that needs an upgrade to accommodate a 21st-century manufacturing economy. The country need improvements to water, energy and digital infrastructure as well, the association claimed.

“It’s unacceptable that America’s infrastructure continues to receive a D+ grade. Now is the time to deliver transformational advancements to the infrastructure that connects our communities and facilitates free enterprise,” said Kawchak.


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