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NAW: Distributors Support Legal Challenge to OSHA

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Almost 90 percent of all distributors surveyed support a legal challenge to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s COVID-19 employer-based vaccination and testing Emergency Temporary Standard. The survey was conducted by the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors, who joined several other trade associations in a lawsuit against OSHA.

“NAW and distributors remain aligned in the mission to get more Americans vaccinated, but the men and women who keep the supply chain moving will face significant issues if the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate continues as planned. That’s why 87 percent of distributors surveyed across the country support this legal challenge to the vaccine mandate,” NAW CEO Eric Hoplin said.

Respondents to the survey indicated significant job losses will take place if the legal challenge is defeated, with one respondent suggesting losing 10-20 percent of its workforce. “We strongly encourage vaccinations, but the realities of the workforce are that this will have severe unintended negative consequences for supply chains nationwide,” one respondent said.

“Distributors have offered paid time off, incentive pay, and a variety of other rewards to encourage vaccination, but there remains a significant portion of the workforce who would rather quit their jobs than be vaccinated,” said Hoplin. “This reality will put more pressure on the supply chain by exacerbating the labor shortage in an extremely tight job market, and threaten businesses and the families that depend on them.”