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White House Issues IIJA Buy America Guidance

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The White House issued guidance to federal agencies on the application of Buy America preferences in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. The guidance requires all agencies to ensure by May 14 that all iron and steel used in the project must be produced in the United States.

The guidance further requires all manufactured products in the project must be produced domestically. The product itself must be manufactured here, and the components of the product must represent 55 percent or more of the total cost of the product. All construction materials must also be manufactured in the U.S.

Steel manufacturing trade groups were delighted with the provision.

 “This announcement demonstrates the administration’s commitment to ensure that federally funded infrastructure projects are built with steel made by Americans for Americans. Clarification and strong enforcement of Buy America domestic procurement preferences will lead to an infrastructure that is made with the cleanest, lowest-carbon-intensity steel in the world,” said Philip K. Bell, president of the Steel Manufacturers Association.

“We appreciate the commitment of the Biden-Harris administration to ensure that all federally funded infrastructure and public works projects use iron, steel and other products that are made in America. As some federal programs do not apply Buy America requirements for the procurement of iron and steel products, we are pleased that today’s initiative begins the process to remedy this situation by providing clear guidance to federal agencies for adopting appropriate Buy America requirements for all federally-funded infrastructure projects,” said Kevin Dempsey, president and CEO of the American Iron and Steel Institute.