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Digital Marketplace: EOXS

Where Steel Meets Technology

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MCN Editor Beth Gainer Online platform EOXS offers a full suite of steel products for consumers.

Santa Monica, Calif.-based EOXS is a technology company that provides an online platform for sellers and buyers of steel, whether it be galvanized, Galvalume, galvanneal, hot-rolled, cold-rolled and electro galvanized. 

“We work to bring innovation and advanced technology into the traditional steel industry,” says Rajat Jain, CEO. The business thus stands by its slogan, “Where Steel Meets Technology.”

Founded in 2019, EOXS provides a digital landscape for steel suppliers to interact with potential buyers. The company’s clients are primarily steel mills, with service centers among the targeted audience. EOXS onboards the mills’ inventory onto the website, with the products listed at  “Now all steel buyers have to do is to search for the product they want to buy and key in the filters that sort out options based on length, hardness, price, thickness, location, width and weight.” 

Once buyers find what they are interested in, they can send inquiries to the supplier or suppliers of choice. 

EOXS’ goal is to simplify the sales process, as well as to broaden the pool of buyers, executives claim.

The company offers business intelligence tools designed to help the sellers. These tools “help sort out historical company data into sets that match [buyer] inquiries with the right seller,” says Jain. “This way, salespeople don’t have to go through years’ worth of customer emails and spreadsheets. We also provide analytical dashboards that help sellers understand buyer behavior and the kind of products [buyers] prefer.”

The company gives its clients a customized selling experience. “We adjust our tools and technology based on business needs and give [sellers] a tailored solution,” says Jain. “We even have the capability to integrate with their existing tools so that they don’t have to spend hours preparing lists to upload onto our system.”

The company also boasts cost-efficiency for sellers. “By bringing businesses online, we increase their reach and customer base. The cost of building a powerful website that can provide advanced technology is time-consuming and high. We provide the service at a fraction of the cost and back it with experience and technical support. In addition, EOXS offers digital marketing services “to promote the companies’ online presence,” according to Jain. 

Overall, EOXS has created a win-win situation for sellers and their buyers, executives claim. 

Jain says EOXS is unique because steel sellers have complete autonomy in how they want to display their products. For instance, products can be displayed to the public at large, or customized based on a select number of customers they want to show it to. 

Companies are taking note of the steel purchasing model. “We have seen an avid interest from companies who see the merit in what we are offering,” says Jain. “We are a passionate group of individuals who are looking to add value to the steel industry. It is a process that involves changing set behavior, but we are excited about the challenge it presents.”

“We even have the capability to integrate with their existing tools so that they don’t have to spend hours preparing lists to upload onto our system.”  Rajat Jain, EOXS

Photo Caption: A screen shot from the online platform. (Photo courtesy EOXS)

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