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The largest trade show for the various segments of the metalworking industry returns to McCormick Place in Chicago this September. (Photo by Bystronic)

For nearly two years, the North American manufacturing sector has been grounded. Trade shows, conferences and other mass gatherings were shuttered due to COVID-19.

Among the casualties of the pandemic were the 2020 FABTECH Expo, originally scheduled for Las Vegas, plus another event slated for Canada and two other installments planned for Mexico. The opportunity for equipment makers of all types to show off their wares was limited to Zoom calls and other small-person meetings.

Finally, that changes. Next month, FABTECH returns to Chicago’s McCormick Place for a four-day run from Sept. 13-16.

This year’s event marks the first version held in September, a move which was announced in 2019. Next year’s FABTECH in Atlanta will again be conducted in November.

The annual trade show is not planning a slow return. Per usual, the program features educational and information sessions all day in addition to the thousands of exhibitors representing coil processing, fabricating, welding and dozens of other metalworking equipment manufacturers. FABTECH organizers, which include the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, Precision Metalforming Association, American Welding Society, Chemical Coaters Association International and SME, expect 30,000 attendees at this year’s show.

In the spring, the city of Chicago entered Phase 5 of its reopening, meaning virtually all restrictions have been lifted. Masks will not be required for vaccinated individuals, though no proof of vaccination will be required.

COE Press Equipment - Booth D46924  
COE Press Equipment will display a 24-inch wide Servo Roll Feed with its patent-pending Series 406 4-inch x 24-inch Straightener with 4-inch pinch rolls. Visitors will be able to see the enhanced designs and components that have enabled this equipment to effectively process everything from aluminum to advanced high-strength steels, backed by years of proven performance.
Additionally, COE’s Advanced PLC Controls will be demonstrated, with a focus on its Work Roll Advisor capability that automates straightener setup.
COE equipment is based upon modular designs with rugged and precise component construction. Its coil feed lines are designed to process a wide range of material types including AHSS, cold-rolled steel,  hot-rolled steel, galvanized, stainless, pre-painted and aluminum in yield strengths of 10 to 300 KSI. These lines can handle coil materials up to 78 inches wide, from 0.010  to 0.725 inches thick, and coil weights up to 60,000 pounds.

Cosen - Booth A5331  
Cosen has introduced the new V-1824 Vertical Tilt-Frame Band Saw to its extensive product line and to this year’s FABTECH lineup. In an ever-changing and growing fabrication market, the need for cost-effective cuttings solutions at different capacities and price points is evident. With vertical saw designs becoming more popular among fabricators, the 1824 takes Cosen’s popular tilt-frame design and applies it to a rigid, yet small, footprint.
Developed to be a more affordable option for those in non-production settings, the saw is a manual design and allows for miter cuts ranging from 0 to 60 degrees, both left to right. The saw comes equipped with a 1 ¼-inch blade, a 5-hp blade motor and comes standard with an adjustable 0 to 5 degree blade cant to help increase blade life and provide efficient cuts.
Reaching blade speeds that range from 75 to 375 feet per minute and utilizing both precision feed pressure and feed-rate valve controls, the saw allows for quick adjustments depending on the material being cut.
Other features include a gearbox designed to accept high lateral pressure, adjustable flood coolant system, powered wire blade brush and carbide blade guides.

TRUMPF - Booth 2904  
Packed with optimized features such as BevelCut, RapidCut, a maximum load weight of 18 pounds per meter and a solid-state 4 kW laser, TRUMPF’s new TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber can handle a wide range of materials, from mild stainless steel to nonferrous metals.
The machine can also process square tubes with a side length up to 5 inches and cut rectangular tubes with an outer circle diameter up to 7 inches. The machine features tube supports  that keep material in place during machining to ensure high-quality results and step rollers that automatically adapt the machine to the diameter of the tube.
When switching materials, the only step that must be performed manually in the clamping area is changing the nozzle; everything else is handled by the machine. Users can also integrate a technology package that allows them to carry out tapping on their machine.

fehr - Booth A5007  
Switzerland-based fehr is a warehousing logistics firm with a full-service presence in Charlotte, N.C. Offering tailor-made  solutions for warehouse management, process optimization, design, installation and maintenance, fehr is a single-source engineer and build provider for warehouses of all sizes. Cutting-edge design services are available for new construction, modernization, and retrofit projects, fehr claims.
The company’s product line includes several innovative storage solutions for long goods and sheet products, including  honeycomb, rollover, tower and ecosort shelving systems. The company also offers a proprietary warehouse management software capable of operating in both automated and manual environments.
fehr prides itself on crafting the optimal warehousing logistics solution for any plant or facility, using the latest in digital simulation and state-of-the-art technology. It also takes pride in serving as a reliable partner that guarantees professional technical support over the full life cycle of warehousing systems, including mechanical systems, control technology and WMS.

HYDMECH - Booth A4918  
HYDMECH CSNC Saws were designed for medium to high production runs with several safety features that allow one operator to run several machines, says HYDMECH  VP of Sales and Marketing Rick Arcaro.
“In this challenging economy our customers need to do more with less. They need more parts per hour with a superior finish while demanding precision accurate parts. They also want saws that will last for years.  As such, this new line of carbide saws continues to offer the combination of quality and durability that are consistent throughout all of the HYDMECH’s lines of sawing equipment. This is the brand our customers know they can trust,” he says.
The carbide saws come in different sizes, including 65, 80, 100, 125, 150 and 175 millimeters, all packaged with standard bar loaders, chip removal and mist lubrication.

KMT Waterjet Systems - Booth A5362  
KMT Waterjet Systems, a global manufacturer of ultra-high pressure pumps waterjet systems, will feature the KMT Streamline PRO 90,000 psi pump, which the company describes as the world’s fastest waterjet.
The Streamline PRO 60hp offers faster cutting performance as well as significant savings in abrasive consumption usage while increasing throughput capacity compared to 60,000 psi waterjet pumps, KMT claims.
With a wide range of applications including 5-axis three
dimensional cutting capabilities, PRO 60 easily cuts metal, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, titanium, rubber, plastic, glass and many more materials.

EMH - Booth A3477  
The new EMH AL System Workstation cranes are lightweight, flexible and easily installed, providing a range of lightweight crane solutions for lower capacity requirements. The cranes are designed for anywhere from 35 to 2,200 pounds.
The AL System features aluminum track profiles, EMH’s exclusive t-slot design, anodized enclosed rails and anti-kick-up nylon wheels and provides for a maintenance-free workstation solution.
AL System Cranes safely and efficiently accommodate a wide variety of lifters and handling devices. With lightweight aluminum track profiles,  AL System Cranes are also easily configured to suit almost any application need. Their anodized aluminum extrusions and enclosed rails maximize strength, provide longer durability and add to their aesthetics.

Flow Waterjet - Booth A4931  

Flow Waterjet engineered the Mach 500 around extensive research and customer feedback, creating a complete waterjet cutting solution marking the arrival of a new industry standard.
By integrating top-of-the-line components from world-leading suppliers for the machine drive, precision motion system, motion control and solid model software, the Mach 500 is the quickest, most accurate Flow waterjet system yet, the company claims.
The Mach 500 is revolutionary in terms of throughput, reliability, productivity, ease of operation, and backed by a comprehensive service and support program, an industry first.

AIDA -  Booth D46327  
AIDA’s new high-volume, unitized frame NSX press will be on display, along with two Allen-Bradley controlled DSF Series direct-drive servo presses.
AIDA-America will introduce and demonstrate its new NSX 110-ton, unitized frame, mechanical stamping press, which runs at speeds of 120 to 300 SPM with a stroke of 62 mm. Locally engineered at AIDA-America in Dayton, Ohio, the NSX features a low-deflection, one-piece frame and a low-deflection cast iron slide. Accuracy and consistent high-volume production are ensured using zero clearance roller type slide guides and counter rotating eccentric shafts. Press and die integrity are protected with the inclusion of hydraulic overloads.
Ease of installation is provided by the choice of plug and play Wintriss, Link, or Rockwell Allen-Bradley controls, as well as the press’s floor mounted design, which utilizes leveling isolators.

Messer - Booth A4968  
Messer Cutting Systems will display the  new globally designed Element 400 cutting machine, the latest innovation from the company.
Included onboard is a new controller, the Global Connect, with redesigned HMI software and integrated OmniFab compatibility. This configuration features improved real-time transparency on maintenance, downtime status and production reports that are transmitted through the controller, via a PC or tablet.
The machine can be equipped with many flexible options such as plasma bevel cutting, oxyfuel cutting, marking and cutting tables. Come see the new Delta Skew Plasma Rotating with cutting up to plus/minus 45 degrees, a high-acceleration drive with a C-axis plus/minus 460-degree rotation for maximum production and efficiency.

Jet Edge Booth - A4562  
Jet Edge is a manufacturer of ultra-high pressure waterjet pumps and motion systems. The company’s technology is used around the world in a broad range of industries and applications in automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, ceramics, plastics, industrial manufacturing and job shops.
Jet Edge's new line of Ultra High Velocity Pumps features Interactive Controls designed for the key system users: operators, maintenance, operations management and remote support.
New models feature hydraulic intensifier pumps rated to 60K PSI and 90K PSI with 30-, 50-, 75-, 100-, 150- and 200-horsepower electric motors. This allows you to select the exact pump you need to maximize productivity and profitability.
These advance designs focus on serviceability, providing signals for key service items and a thoughtful consideration for ease of access to service components.

Bystronic - Booth A2126  
Bystronic will present a range of modular system solutions comprised of  “world class” laser cutting, bending, automation, and software to create a flexible network of intelligent components that allow you to stay ahead of your customers’ growing requirements.  
Bystronic will introduce the ByStar Fiber with NEW 20kW laser and ByTrans Extended material automation. BySmart Fiber with new 10kW laser will be shown with the new ByTrans Modular automated loading and unloading with BySort.
The ByTube 130 laser tube processing with 3kW Fiber power will be presented. And from the Bystronic family of press brakes, the Xpert Pro 150, Xact Smart 225, Xpress 50 press brakes, and the Mobile Bending Cell Xpert 40 will be featured.
In addition, see the new Bystronic Robotic Welding Cell powered by CLOOS, and Bystronic N2 Generation powered by MSS. (Photo by Bystronic)

Allor - Booth A3560  
Allor Manufacturing Inc. is introducing its new 84-inch Slitting Line Leveler to provide tight tolerance leveling designed to meet customer’s product needs.
The movable lower platen provides variable roll plunges based upon gauge and yield strength settings entered by the operator into the machine HMI. Four hydraulic cylinders, each operated by proportional valves and LDT system automatically position the lower platen to the desired plastification settings.
Roll bending through the upper backup bearing chocks correct localized defects such as cross bow, longitudinal  bow, center buckle and edge wave.  Roll bending is real time and can be entered from existing saved programs or operator input.

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