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FABTECH returns to its traditional fall date when it comes to Atlanta for three days, Nov. 8-10.

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North America’s largest annual trade show for the metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing industries returns to Atlanta, Nov. 8-10 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. 
The sessions run from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday Nov. 8, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Nov. 9 and from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Nov. 10. 
Leading companies in all areas of metalworking will be on hand to demonstrate equipment and meet with customers and potential customers. By early September, more than 1,170 companies had registered to exhibit at the show. 
Additionally, FABTECH’s schedule includes more than 150 educational sessions on a variety of topics, including cutting, lean operations and marketing and management. 
FABTECH is presented by leading metals trade organizations, including the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Precision Metalforming Association, American Welding Society and Chemical Coaters Association International. 
After Atlanta, FABTECH will return to Chicago in September 2023 and Las Vegas in November 2024, its first visit out west since 2016. FABTECH Mexico is also scheduled for Mexico City in May 2023. 
Here’s a look at some of the companies that will be featured at FABTECH Atlanta and where to find them:

HE&M Saw -   Booth: B9059  
HE&M Saw will feature its new dual column wide flange band saw, the WF1827A. The wide flange saw series has been updated with newly developed and more technologically advanced equipment that will increase efficiency and save time in sawing operations, increasing productivity.
The WF1827A has a cutting capacity of 27 inches wide by 18 inches high and uses a 1 1/2-inch blade. The WF1827A on demonstration will also feature the optional 120-inch stroke servo bar-feed with a heavy-duty servo feed, capable of multiple indexing.
The control console features the new “Smart Saw” control, created to be compatible with MTConnect, the non-proprietary manufacturing technical standard designed so that data can be exchanged between software applications and equipment on the shop floor.
Also integrated with WF1827A will be an Omron TM14 collaborative robot.  It will show the capabilities of using variables to pick up different length of parts out of the saw. 

COE - Booth: B5729  
COE Press Equipment will feature a group of technology hubs that together create the COE Experience.  Visitors can partake in a Virtual Reality demonstration, visit the Smart Manufacturing Decisions station, or participate in other demonstrations that illustrate COE’s equipment and service differentiators.
At the VR hub, visitors will be virtually transported to a fabrication facility to experience an operating COE 72-inch cut-to-length line. At another station, COE team members will take specifications from visitors and run data through the company’s proprietary Science Behind the Solution calculators, assisting in better decision-making regarding equipment needs and performance optimization.  For example, COE’s “Coil Calculator” analyzes coil weight based on width/ID/OD, as well as providing coil run time and parts/coil, allowing customers to better plan production and quote new work.
The COE Experience is intended to help customers make the best coil processing equipment decision for their needs.

Mazak Optonics - Booth: B7541  
Discover more laser-cutting and automation technology with Mazak Optonics Corporation. Whether you’re a job shop owner or manage facilities worldwide, Mazak Optonics has the laser-cutting machinery, automation and solutions you need to succeed.
Mazak Optonics will be exhibiting the NEW 15kW Optiplex 3015 NEO. NEO is the next generation of high-power cutting machines that offer maximum control and flexibility, built for all job shops.
Along with its higher speed, NEO comes with Mazak’s groundbreaking Variable Beam Parameter Product technology. Originally released on the Optiplex Nexus S model,  V-BPP has been enhanced for NEO.  V-BPP better controls the laser beam for superior cut performance and enables users to select from high-intensity, small-spot-size beams to large, donut-shaped beams and everything in between. As a result, the high-performance laser-cutting torch delivers optimal thick and thin metal cutting. NEO provides higher cutting speed, superior edge quality, and improved piercing time.

Hypertherm Associates  - Booth: B8309  
Hypertherm Associates, a U.S.-based manufacturer of industrial cutting products and software, is preparing for FABTECH 2022, North America’s largest fabricating, welding and finishing exhibition. The company’s Hypertherm and OMAX technology brands will welcome show visitors from two halls at Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center Nov. 8-10. 
The Hypertherm and OMAX technology brands will exhibit from one combined booth to offer show visitors a comprehensive array of plasma and waterjet products. Visitors will have an opportunity to see the world’s only X-Definition plasma and a new HPR cartridge for HPRXD plasma systems. In addition, they can see the OptiMAX, considered the world’s most accurate waterjet, along with the ProtoMAX, a compact, self-contained cutting system perfect for prototyping and low-volume cutting. Hypertherm Associates will also feature its ProNest CAD/CAM nesting software, providing show visitors with live demonstrations of its recently released ProNest 2023. 

Messer Cutting Systems - Booth B8729  
At this year’s FABTECH show, Messer Cutting Systems’ focus will be on the new and innovative compact footprint Element 400L Unitized the versatile Element 400 gantry cutting machines. 
This U.S.-manufactured cutting machine has acceleration and speeds that can support multiple laser or plasma heads with no loss of performance. These cutting machines have the flexibility to be equipped with many customized options such as plasma beveling, laser beveling, oxyfuel cutting and marking. Both machines at the show will be equipped with the plasma Bevel-S with a C-axis rotation of plus-minus 540 degrees for maximum efficiency. This beveller has scored well in the market for its excellent dynamic behavior.
Messer’s applications engineers will provide live cutting demonstrations on both machines to showcase the latest in plasma bevel cutting and oxyfuel cutting techniques.

Red Bud Industries - Booth: B7759  
Slit coil packaging lines are an essential part of any slitting line. You can have an efficient high-speed slitter only to have it set idle while the coils are banded and removed.  A well-designed packaging line gives you the ability to band, sort and store coils efficiently. 
From basic to fully automated systems, Red Bud Industries designs and manufactures each packaging line to fit our customer’s application. Fully automatic ID and OD banding, automatic pick and place downlaying, orbital stretch wrapping stations and a fully automated stacking system are all features found in a Red Bud Industries packaging line. New packaging lines can be incorporated with a new slitting line or retrofitted with an existing slitter as well.  All of RBI’s systems come pre-piped and pre-wired, which allows equipment to be set up and tested in its entirety before leaving the facility.  

Combilift -  Booth: BC15415  
Combilift’s range of straddle carriers and mobile gantries provides safe, efficient solutions for even the most extreme load handling situations. Take the headache out of handling extreme and oversized loads with the company’s range of Combi-SC straddle carriers. Ideal for loads such as steel, prefabricated structures and more, these machines have a light footprint but can handle loads of over 100 tons – there’s no load too large or heavy for these workhorses. Cost-effective operation and independence on site guaranteed.  
The company can design and build the Combi-SC to a customer’s exact requirements: load capacity, power source, remote control and/ or driver’s cab, telescopic facility and top lift. There are myriad options and specifications to help handle the most problematic loads. 

Bystronic -  Booth: B6341  
Bystronic will launch a revolutionary new software, BySoft Software Suite. Fabricators and manufacturers of all sizes can now digitally control all aspects of their business from order to delivery. Additionally, ByStar Fiber with 20kW offers high throughput at a low cost per part. BySmart Fiber, now with 12kW opens up the full potential of fiber laser cutting at an affordable price. Both will include ByTrans Extended automated material handling.
Bystronic also offers a range of automated tube laser cutting systems for the flexible production of small to large series tube profiles. ByTube Star 130 with NEW 4kW will be demonstrated.

Norton | Saint-Gobain - Booth: C13057  
Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives, one of the world’s largest abrasives manufacturers, will be highlighting newly upgraded Norton Gemini Grinding and Combination/ Pipeline Wheels, which offer the best performance in the aluminum oxide wheel market. Enhanced Norton Gemini wheels feature a new premium alumina grain for a 15 percent faster cut rate.  Advanced bond technology and wheel hardness are designed for making fast cuts and provide up to 60 percent longer life and metal removal per wheel compared to previous generation products.
The upgraded wheels are designed with ergonomics in mind, offering a controlled yet aggressive feel without causing the fatigue of other competitive high-performance wheels. Also, the new Gemini wheels have been updated with large, industry standard icons that cross language barriers, and are an on-the-wheel reminder of proper machine selection, safe usage and required personal protective equipment.

Cincinnati - Booth: B7909  
Cincinnati Incorporated, an Ohio-based company, has announced its new PRO Suite of software: BendSim PRO and Nesting PRO.
This new generation of software comes with an advanced set of features and functionality that surpasses CI’s past offerings. Customers currently programming offline can now experience improved offline programming efficiency – more programs created with the same number of programmers. Additionally, for those customers not yet using programs created offline, ready-to-run programs allow the workforce in the shop to operate more productively with standardized operations and less manual setup.
With Cincinnati’s PRO Suite, you can make highly accurate simulations offline, cut and bend more precisely, and manage your workflows more efficiently. The new generation of BendSim PRO provides the ability to plan and simulate parts for your press brake forming operations offline without interrupting the productivity of your Cincinnati PC control press brake.  

ANDRITZ - Booth: B7883  
ANDRITZ Metals is one of the leading global suppliers of finishing lines, machine services and spare parts for the production and processing of cold-rolled strip made of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other nonferrous metals. 
ANDRITZ Metals now introduces ASKO EdgeMaster 4.0, an innovative clearance-control slitting software program.  EdgeMaster improves slit edge quality for packed slitter arbors, speeds up the set-up process and improves set-up accuracy and efficiency.  Powerful enough for the unique demands of any coil processing operation including advanced high-strength steels. Enter data quickly through easy-to-use, intuitive interfaces. 
Engineered slitting solutions experts will be on hand to discuss ASKO EdgeMaster to help improve your slit edge quality and reduce arbor time setup times. 

ARKU - Booth: B9053  
At FABTECH 2022 in Atlanta,  ARKU Inc. will demonstrate how deburring has become easier than ever before. 
Drastic time savings are made possible thanks to a new and intelligent software called the ARKU Wizard. It can be seen live in action for the first time at the trade show.
 With this innovation, which is new to the market, the German-based machine manufacturer is also demonstrating its technological leadership.
With the Wizard, users only have to enter basic data about the parts (thickness, material type, etc.). The software then calculates the optimum tools and processing settings itself. This means that even novice employees can operate the deburring machines. While skilled workers are still hard to find, this proves to be an immense help for fabricators.

Behringer - Booth: B7817  
The Behringer HBE-320/523GA is a state-of-the-art fully automatic horizontal mitering band saw, with cutting capacities of 20.4 inches wide by 12.6 inches high, and miter capacity of 45 degrees right and 60 degrees left, for 105 degrees total rotation. With a length tolerance of 0.005 inches and miter accuracy of 1/10th of one degree, the HBE-320/523GA is a true precision machine.  
Powerful, accurate and reliable, the HBE-320/523GA is well positioned to be your high-production fabrication saw. 

Schelling - Booth: B6766  
The Schelling fm12 plate saw offers a maximum cutting height of 10 inches. It eases heavy aluminum material handling and cutting via a linear robotic Automatic Manipulation Device.
Upon loading, automation takes over as air cushions gently protect and move the aluminum plates. During cutting, 99 percent of the chips produced are collected via Schelling’s proprietary Clean Up System. Finished parts are moved out of the machine via conveyor and picked by a crane. 
The fm12 and AMD are ideal for fully automatic handling and cutting full-size aluminum plates, intermediate strips and finished parts. Gentle handling of materials, efficiency and quality are assured. 

Bradbury Group - Booth: B8740  
The Bradbury Group provides lean manufacturing, scrap reduction and increased efficiency with slitting lines, cut-to-length lines and strapping and packaging solutions. The Bradbury leveling system offers the industry the most up-to-date leveling technology available with the company’s patented e-Drive Leveler. 
The company offers a complete line of entry equipment, hydraulic, mechanical, flying and rotary shears and material handling solutions that change the bottom line. 

TRUMPF - Booth: B6309  
TRUMPF will unveil a new solution to help sheet metal fabricators get started in automated laser welding. Fabricators no longer must choose between costly and time-consuming manual welding or large, automated systems that are expensive and complicated to operate. Enter the TruLaser Weld 1000, an entry level solution from TRUMPF that offers smaller companies the benefits of automated laser welding, boosting the productivity of their production processes to provide a real competitive edge. 
The new system is particularly suitable for job shops that weld products such as electrical cabinets, sheet metal boxes and covers. The TruLaser Weld 1000 makes programming quick and easy. Unlike most commercial systems that require several days of training, the information needed to run the TruLaser Weld 1000 can be obtained through e-learning. The system incorporates a robot whose operation is based on the concept of a collaborative robot, or cobot.

KMT Waterjet - Booth: B8347  
KMT Waterjet introduces the new generation of waterjet technology with the launch of the KMT PRO 50 waterjet pump. The PRO 50 operating pressure of 90,000 psi/6.200 bar/50 hp has many new advantages, which include a reduction in operating time by cutting products 40 percent faster than conventional 60,000 psi/4.100 bar 50 hp waterjet systems.  
The PRO 50 uses up to 50 percent less abrasive garnet, significantly less water and electrical consumption with a savings of three hours a day of labor time (based on 10 hours usage). The PRO 50 offers exceptional value, plus increased capacity to get more parts completed much faster at the lowest cost per part versus 60,000 psi/4.100 bar. 
The PRO 50 has a new pump management system and is synchronized by downloading the KMT Live App. By using a smart phone or tablet, you can remotely monitor the pump by using control features to change pump settings, monitor maintenance hours and much more.

Unison - Booth: C10217  
Unison machines on display at FABTECH include an all-electric Breeze Twin Head tube bending machine and one of the company’s all-new Synergy hybrid, multi-stack tube benders. Unison will also use FABTECH to launch the most advanced version ever of its industry leading Opt2Sim tube bending simulation software, with several free software licenses up for grabs.
Equipped with Unison’s recently upgraded Unibend control - an operating system offering speed enhancements of up to 25 percent, all-electric Unison Twin Head 1 ½-inch (maximum tube diameter) machines will precision bend two ends of a tube simultaneously. This capability makes them well suited to the high-speed manufacture of symmetrical tubular shapes typically found in automotive, agricultural and furniture applications. 
Officially launched at the UK’s MACH machine tool show earlier this year, Unison’s new Synergy machines combine electric and hydraulic operation with exceptional levels of control. 

b+s group - Booth: B9872  
With the fully automatic slitting shear for aluminum coils, the b+s group once again demonstrates its expertise in this metal processing discipline at FABTECH. Thanks to the automatic system, the shear can be easily and flexibly adjusted to new coil widths between 700 and 1,850 millimeters.
As a result, the automatic slitting shear enables short set-up times and quick format changes. With speeds of up to 250 meters per minute, it creates the basis for increasing throughput in production.
The automated adjustment system, together with the precise blades, meets the highest demands on the quality of the cut, as usual. The shears effortlessly cut up to seven slit strips. Material thicknesses between 0.2 and 3 millimeters can be processed with ease.

Butech Bliss - Booth: B6328  
At Butech Bliss, success over the past 135 years has been solely based on the company’s ability to deliver innovative solutions that keep customers on the leading edge of technology.  As a premium supplier of complete slitting lines, Butech Bliss prides itself on improving traditional designs by providing innovative solutions to the traditional production tasks and hazards that have existed historically. 
Butech Bliss provides patented solutions that enable this efficiency while also pushing the boundaries of what was previously considered to be unachievable on a slitting line. A case in point is our patented notching unit ahead of the slitter. This takes a technique that has been in practice for a long time but greatly improves it, virtually eliminating operator interaction with the strip and reducing the time it takes to thread the line.

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