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MCN Profile:Falcon Aerospace

Thirty Years in Flight

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MCN Editor Karen Zajac-Frazee Falcon Aerospace has found a niche in the aerospace supply chain by offering materials larger companies won’t touch.

Falcon Aerospace’s mission is right in the name. Founded in May of 1994, the Westin, Fla.-based company set out with a clear focus on creating a metals trading and distribution company that supplies raw materials to the worldwide aerospace and defense industry.

The company was created to be a supplier that is keen on taking on complex material challenges and providing cost-effective on-time solutions for the worldwide customer base. “Finding solutions and providing customers with what they need gave us a preferred supplier position with most of our customers. The mission of serving our customers’ complex and cost-effective needs is still the cornerstone of our daily existence and success,” Founder,  President and CEO Jerry Bashir states. 

In addition, most of the large quantity needs of OEMs and subcontractors are served by large multinational master distributors. However, there is a small percentage of raw material requirements that is outside the scope of large companies’ willingness to support. “We focus on this small percentage to complete the customers’ total requirements. We understand our place in the supply chain and serve an important role and that has not changed at all,” Bashir adds.

Therefore, Falcon Aerospace’s goal from the start was to serve the customers’ specific needs better than any other supplier. “We wanted our customers to be excited to give us their business because they have the confidence that every order placed is going to be taken care of no matter how big or small the order may be. We have been able to keep our customers happy on a long term basis with a dedicated team looking after every aspect of each order,” Bashir says.

“We also wanted to create a workplace with a team that is honored, respected and dignified. Creating a culture of harmony and teamwork gives everyone an opportunity to be their best. Empowerment through detailed training, passing the tribal knowledge of the industry allows our team to give the customer the best experience,” he says. Falcon Aerospace currently has 28 full-time employees and two part-time employees. 

Additionally, Falcon Aerospace  provides its global customer base with various types of in-house and subcontracted processing. The in-house processing includes custom export packing, production bar cutting, PVC – lamination and shearing. The subcontracted processing includes cut-length, chemical milling, non-destructive testing, precision grinding, surface machining, trepanning and turn, grind and polish.

As a result, Falcon Aerospace does stand out as a company. Since its inception, the focus has always been on customer care and attention. “We use  today’s technology to operate our daily business. However, we are invested in the traditional ways of staying in touch by having focused telephone conversations and face-to-face meetings,” Bashir comments. “Besides our automated telephone system, we still maintain a receptionist to answer customers’ and suppliers’ calls in person.” 

Being a small business in metals distribution requires exceptional efforts in providing customer care with a lasting and positive experience. “Our dedicated team understands the value of building lasting relationships with our loyal suppliers and excellent customers. Our success comes from our kindness, respect and humility with a deep understanding that our daily success is a privilege that is never to be taken for granted,” Bashir states. 

But where will Falcon Aerospace be headed in the future? “We have seen the highs and lows of the aerospace and metals industry over 30 years. The future is looking bright. Continuing our investments into technology and warehouse equipment has been a top priority for Falcon since the beginning. We are now working and investing in creating the next generation of leadership that will continue the legacy of Falcon Aerospace,” Bashir says.

Working in the industry for more than 20 years prior to creating Falcon Aerospace taught Bashir a host of lessons. The company maintains a culture that is based on principles of kindness, respect and dignity. “Our management structure is not hierarchical, and the team knows their daily objectives. We spend the least amount of time in meetings and more time providing attention meeting customers’ needs,” Bashir states. 

As a result, Falcon Aerospace is very accommodating in providing flexible schedules for its team members to take care of their families and personal health care. Their team members know each other very well and find ways to help each other succeed in their defined functions, and they are constantly having building events that also involve their families. 

Furthermore, since the inception of Falcon Aerospace in 1994, when poor market conditions made it an arduous task for a small business to establish its presence among the giants of the metals distribution industry, the company needed a plan. “We went to the market focused on finding cost-effective ways to source the most difficult materials and perform multiple value-added processing to avoid large mill minimums and long lead times. We have an extensive network of domestic and international supply chain partners providing us materials and value-added opportunities,” Bashir comments.

“Over the years,” Bashir adds, “a lot of companies have used the term ‘Solution Providers’ as a part of their solicitation and marketing buzzwords. When we started our company with no inventory and no warehouse, our whole existence depended upon doing things respectfully. Others did not know how to or did not care to.”

Today, Falcon Aerospace  has a 31,000-square-foot warehouse full of inventory. However, it is still true to its core values of being the problem solvers. Thecompany receives on an average over five new potential customers inquiries every day for the most challenging material requirements.
In addition, Falcon Aerospace is a global supplier. “We compete with U.S.-based as well as international suppliers that are based close to the customers. We do not invest too much of our time and energy on our competitors, not knowing their marketing and sales program,” Bashir states. 

The team invests its efforts and energies working with the tools they have in providing their customer the best value and positive experience.

What drives Falcon Aerospace’s success?  “Discipline – the word means everything to us at Falcon Aerospace. Because only through discipline we are able to meet the highest standards of customer care and quality. Our perpetual success for the last 30 years is the result of our unconditional commitment to be focused on providing the value for customers’ investments in products we supply.”

Falcon Aerospace employs 28 full-time workers and provides a variety of value-added processing services. (Photo courtesy Falcon Aerospace)