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APP Implements INVEX-GO

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American Piping Products, a steel pipe and tube distributor in Chesterfield, Mo., has implemented Dallas-based Invera Corp.’s INVEX-GO, a real-time mobile sales management application for the metal industry.  

APP implemented INVEX-GO to allow sales managers and salespeople to make well-informed data-driven decisions and to keep track of business activity right from their mobile devices.

INVEX-GO includes a suite of mobile dashboards that span the company's operations, including branch sales activity, sales-related customer information and current inventory and incoming positions. These dashboards provide both historical and current data.  Many analytics dashboards require overnight processing of data, but INVEX-GO provides data in real-time. 


"I can now easily see our sales and bookings activity for our company whether I am away from my desk or traveling on business, right from my phone,” said Matt Danis, president of APP. “The drill down capability also allows me to view this information for the company, branch, salesperson, or right down to the sales order item. The ability to view our pipe inventory and view the inventory information and test certificates has also been a nice plus."

INVEX-GO provides the following major mobile dashboards and functions:

·       Single or multi-branch scoreboard with open quotes, bookings, and sales

·       Daily snapshot with quote/order bookings, and order backlog

·       Customer profile dashboard

·       Salesperson profile dashboard

·       Inventory lookup with tag details and certificates

·       Incoming inventory summary and purchase order detail lookup

·       Quote/order entry for quick multi-line quote entry


Invera has been providing steel and metal service center software, metal industry based business analytics dashboards and internet metal systems for over 30 years.