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JSW to Idle Mingo Junction

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The coronavirus-induced recessionary conditions in the United States have resulted in another hit to the steel production community with the decision by JSW to idle its flat-rolled EAF facility in Mingo Junction, Ohio. The full shutdown is expected to occur later this month.

The Indian-based steelmaker, which also maintains production operations in Texas, sent a WARN notice to 160 workers indicating the impending layoff.

“This layoff is being done in conjunction with the temporary cessation of production at the facility due to unforeseeable business circumstances in connection with the current COVID-19 pandemic facing our nation, including business conditions facing the steel industry that were not reasonably foreseeable at the time notice would have been required,” read a letter from Michael Sutfin, vice presidents of human resources for JSW Steel USA Ohio.

The layoffs began with an initial round in mid-July and will culminate with a final set in mid-August.

Sutfin said the company hopes the layoffs would last less than six months.

The idling of the facility continues the up-and-down history of steelmaking operations at the Eastern Ohio location. The long-idled mill had restarted operations in late 2018 after the facility was acquired by Indian steelmaker JSW.

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