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Ohio Slitting Orders RBI Slit Coil Packaging Line

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Red Bud Industries has received an order for a 0.135-inch x 72-inch Slit Coil Packaging from Ohio Slitting & Storage, a full slitting and storage center located in Camden, Ohio. The new packaging line will include a fully automatic ID banding system.

The new line will include an automatic stacker and an eight-position sortation table. The table allows multiple coils to be stacked onto a single skid, or it can be used to separate multiple jobs run from the same master coil.

In addition, skid storage conveyors will be used to stage skidded finished coils prior to their removal. The line also includes a rotary skid conveyor, which will be used to change direction of conveyor travel. It can also be used in conjunction with a stretch wrapping unit. 

The line will be able to handle 10,000-pound coils.

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