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PEASA Taps Thermatool for New Equipment

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Mexico’s PEASA has expanded its partnership with Thermatool by selecting Thermatool equipment for PEASA’s HF welding, heating, cutting and galvanizing processes.

PEASA is one of the leading producers of specialized automotive tubing and conduit for North America. PEASA has done business with Thermatool for more than 40 years and continues to rely on Thermatool as the best partner for improving efficiencies and increasing gross profits.

“We are very satisfied to work with Thermatool as a partner,” said Mauricio Autrique Ruiz at PEASA. “With Thermatool equipment, we have been able to develop many different tubes in different grades for the highly demanding automotive industry. Lately we have installed equipment for modern high-strength steels and a low-relation diameter-wall thickness, and the Thermatool HF Welder supports our needs to produce this.”

This past year, PEASA selected Thermatool to install a second line which includes an HF Solid State Welder with HAZControl technology and a VIP power supply with a Full Body Induction Heater. In addition, PEASA selected Thermatool Corp’s Alpha High Speed Flying Shear for the equipment’s unrivaled combination of speed and accuracy for their latest high speed conduit mill.

Thermatool’s HAZControl technology will allow PEASA to produce the highest quality HF welds through recipe creation using power, frequency, vee length and mill speed for precise weld heat input specification requirements for consistent, repeatable, and efficient production runs. Developing databases of production parameters for a variety of steel chemistries and final specifications helps the producer to ensure maximum mill output while reducing scrap percentages.