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AGT Width Has 40-Inch Range

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Continuous non-contact width and centerline measurement for sheets and strips is available with AGT Width. The standard configuration has a width measurement range of 40 inches from narrowest to widest without sensor relocation. There is no line width limit and will measure almost any material. Available accuracies range from plus-minus 0.031 inches to plus-minus 0.005 inches.  

The AGT Width software displays real-time width and centerline measurements, deviation, limits, and width and centerline verses length graphs with limits. Data logging with local or network storage is included. Complete coil reports can be printed or saved as .pdfs. The optional remote screen can display width, centerline or both. Automatic coil information updates and start/stop measure functions are also included. Level 2 HMI communication is available. 

The AGT Width is an easy to use, low maintenance and accurate addition to any line. There are no moving parts and no backlight required. It is also a great replacement for obsolete Harris Instrument, Scan-A-Line gauges. The laser sensor support beam can be made to fit between the existing Scan-A-Line legs.

For more information, visit www.advgauging.com.