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ALCOS Introduces New Leveler

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ALCOS Machinery, New Market, Ontario, has designed a new cassette system for the company’s Precision Hydraulic Corrective Levelers. The ALCOS Precision Hydraulic Corrective Cassette Leveler utilizes multiple cassettes to cold work the strip.

The leveler rolls are interchangeable to allow the use of different sizes of work rolls to level over a significantly larger gauge range. Alternatively, a second cassette of identical-sized work rolls can be used, providing a more efficient means of roll cleaning and maintenance, the company claims.

A hydraulic-powered injector unit is utilized to remove or inject a cassette into the leveler housing. The drive automatically engages the cassette. The cassettes are stored on a motorized indexing system. Changeover is quick and automated.  A powered Cassette Opening Unit is available to simplify roll changes, maintenance and cleaning of leveler cassettes.

For more information, call 905-836-6030 or visit www.alcos.com.

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