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Allor Develops New Tension Leveler

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Allor’s Tension Leveler will be added to National Galvanizing’s continuous pickle line in Monroe, Mich., later this year. The pickle line currently operates with a 5 roll flattener when processing 0.050- by 0.500-inch by 72-inch wide steel coils.

The Allor Tension Leveler is new technology, designed to produce world-class tension leveled steel at a significant discount compared with traditional tension leveling machines. With the addition of the Allor Tension Leveler, National Galvanizing will be able to provide customer with tension-leveled products from 0.050- by 0.200-inch by 72 inches wide. 

The leveler is based on green technology, requiring less than 50 percent of the energy of a traditional tension leveler, the company claims. The machine’s footprint and the cost of the upgrade is substantially less than that of a traditional tension leveler, Allor says. 

“We looked at several options before we made the decision to buy from Allor Manufacturing. They had the best solution and the best total project cost. We are excited to take our pickle line and our company to the next level in the marketplace,” said Frank Belanger, plant manager for National Galvanizing. 

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