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BLM Intros ELECT40 Bender

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BLM GROUP has announced the availability of its ELECT40 all-electric tube bender with an elongated, compact head capable of executing shapes previously not possible with single-direction bending machines. The new bending head is reduced in height by 35 percent and has a 31 percent longer bending head, increasing the distance between the bending tool and the machine body. 

The increase in distance reduces the chances of the tube colliding with the frame, providing greater parts feasibility. It is especially well-suited for manufacturers needing to bend tubes into complicated and various shapes such as those making furniture, ladders, handrails, farming machinery and equipment.

The kinematic design of the elongated head provides an increase in speed of both the bending arm and of the clamp and pressure. Additionally, this system can achieve about a 10 percent increase in cycle time on a typical part with four bends.

The ELECT40 can bend tube and pipe up to 40 millimeters in diameter and has multiple tool stack capability that can accommodate multiple tools of variable radius at the same time, enabling the production of fixed and variable radii in a single setup.

For more information, visit www.blmgroup.com.

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