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BLM’s Spoon Cleans Tubes

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BLM GROUP has released Clean Tube Technology, also known as a "spoon," designed for its lasertube machines to keep the inside of the tubes free of slag, debris and dust. The Clean Tube Technology probe is inserted into pipes during the cutting process and uses suction to capture spatter, gases and vapors produced during the cutting process. This option, which is available for BLM GROUP’s Lasertubes 8 inches and below, helps produce a clean and dross-free internal finish. 

The technology is especially well-suited for fabricators cutting stainless tubes for the water treatment, food processing or other clean environment industries.  Another reason fabricators look to this option is for their secondary process, which involves tube bending when using a mandrel. The cleaner the inside of the tube the longer the life of your mandrel. Capturing the debris during the cutting process eliminates the need for a secondary cleaning step after the cutting process, saving time and boosting productivity. 

The spoon is matched to each size of lasertube machine, automatically adjusting to the tube diameter.  An additional benefit is it helps to stop the laser beam from reaching the opposite side of the tube wall, delivering higher quality processed tubes.

For more information, visit www.BLMGroup.com.