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Bradbury: AI Drives FlatTrak CL

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Bradbury’s FlatTrak CL is an innovative system that uses artificial intelligence to analyze strip condition and adjust the Bradbury Leveler to provide flat material. The system continuously scans the strip surface to identify any shape defects and displays actual shape conditions in real time on a TV monitor. 

The operator can make informed decisions for leveler adjustment to improve flatness. When installed with a Bradbury e-Drive Leveler, the Flat Trak CL System can automatically adjust the leveler to maintain a flat strip. 

The FlatTrak CL continuously reads the strip by using Servo motors to actuate the outside sensors, which monitor the strip’s outer edge. Flat Trak CL will help the operator reduce out-of-flat material and scrap by alerting the operator the material does not meet the required specifications.

For more information, visit www.bradburygroup.com.