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Bull Moose Adds P.S. Data Portal

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Bull Moose Tube is set to completely transform its customer service and logistics operations with the launch of its new web portal powered by P.S. Data.

“Convenience to the customer is becoming the most impactful key to competing in this market; leveraging P.S. Data’s technical knowledge, we are delivering an industry leading e-Commerce platform to the benefit of our customer’s supply chain needs,” said John Krupinski, CEO Bull Moose Tube. The portal introduces a load-building feature: the ability to auto-fill loads based on material ready to ship. These tools empower customers to customize and track their deliveries using powerful load building tools that can allow the prioritization of loads. 

With an advanced product search functionality, customers can easily find the products they need. They can also see future rolling schedules to optimize supply chain lead times.

The portal provides customers with instant access to crucial documents like Material Test Reports, Invoices, Payments, Order Details and Bill of Ladings.  This transparency fosters trust and reliability to the BMT customer base.

It also features an automated truck driver kiosk to streamline the check-in and check-out process.
The portal is part of a broader strategy to streamline Bull Moose Tube’s customer interactions and logistics operations. With ongoing continuous improvement, Bull Moose Tube will continue to be on the cutting edge of modern customer service technologies, the companies claimed. 

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