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Cosen Launches New Line of Circular Saws

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Cosen Saws, Charlotte, N.C., has introduced a new Circular Series line of saws, offering end users an alternative solution to high-speed production.

With cold saws becoming more popular, Cosen has accepted the challenge of bringing customers a quality machine with a variety of options, standout features and all at a competitive price, the company claims.  Cosen offers carbide circular saws ranging from 0.314 inches to 10.236 inches in size and in both ferrous and nonferrous options.

Each saw in Cosen’s Circular Series comes standard with features such as a material feed carriage system, heavy duty steel saw head drive device, and automatic material loader.

Optional accessories such as a bundle loader, third material vise, and mist collection system are also available to help various cutting needs. Cosen’s Mechalogix software is also optionally available for each circular saw, and offers real-time machine diagnostic and utilization reports to help make the operators work flow more efficient.

For more information, call 704-943-1030 or visit www.cosensaws.com.