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KASTO's New System Auto Feeds CNC Machines

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KASTO has opened up a new line of business with the introduction of its UNITOWER cnc tower storage system. The system is specially designed for automatic feeding of CNC machines and buffer storage. Users will benefit from greater flexibility in production, better ergonomics and maximum machine operating times.

The system significantly improves productivity by continuously supplying CNC machining centers and milling machines with loaded pallets that employees prepare at separate workstations., the company claims. The storage tower is loaded during machine operation. There are no expensive downtimes, and the entire system, including capital-intensive machinery, can run unmanned for long periods.

Users can connect several machines – regardless of manufacturer – to one tower storage system. The UNITOWER cnc can be connected automatically to several set-up stations and transfer stations by means of shunting units and roller tracks. The storage and retrieval machine transfers workpieces to a shuttle wagon, which automatically takes them to locations assigned by the controller. Partially and fully processed pieces are returned to intermediate or final storage in the same way.
For more information, visit www.kasto.com.

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