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KASTOwin Covers Full Range of Band Saws

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The KASTOwin range consists of five fully automated band saws that cover cutting ranges from 13 to 42 inches. In addition, the machines are universally suitable for use with various types of steel. This makes the KASTOwin range a flexible solution for numerous applications. 
The various sizes are all designed in line with the same construction, while the components used are largely identical. This means that KASTO can offer the saws at considerably lower prices than comparable products. 

Meanwhile, quality remains a central issue, as a glance at the technical details shows. All KASTOwin band saws feature a frequency-controlled drive that enables cutting speeds of 40 to 490 feet per minute. For all machine sizes, the saw band is hydraulically tightened and looped around hydraulic band guides. KASTO engineers place particular value on trimming both the hydraulic power unit and the drives for high-energy efficiency.

For more information, visit www.kasto.com/us.

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