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Red Bud Part Diverter

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Red Bud Industries, Red Bud, Ill. has introduced a Part Diverter, which is a safer, more efficient way to check parts and handle scrap, according to the company.


The Part Diverter allows the operator to divert material from the stacker and direct it onto a sortation system at the end of the line. An operator who wants to check a part or remove scrap simply presses a button to put the stacker into reject/diverter mode.

Once the material has bypassed the stacker, it is conveyed onto a part sorting system. From there, scrap can be automatically directed into a scrap bin. Finished parts can also be directed to the front of the line and onto a measuring table, where they can be measured for accuracy.


For more information, visit www.redbudindustries.com.  

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