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Starrett: Advanz Features Triple-Chip Tooth Geometry

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For an ideal carbide tipped multipurpose cutting solution, The L.S. Starrett Company offers Advanz TS Band Saw Blades featuring triple-chip tooth geometry for precise finishes and superb production sawing costs per cut. This makes it an ideal go-to solution for a broad range of tough steels ranging from carbon and tool, to stainless steel and nickel alloys, the company claims.
Advanz TS blades feature teeth ground from high-quality, micro-grain carbide cylinders welded to a tough, ductile backing material, offering exceptional fatigue, shock and wear resistance. Plus, adding a Starrett AMP backgrind enhances tooth penetration while reducing feed pressure.

Starrett, the world’s largest saw blade manufacturer, offers a range of band saw blades, including carbide tipped, which are ideal for cutting extremely hard, abrasive materials and Bi-metal for cutting a variety of ferrous and nonferrous materials. In addition, band saw blades coated with carbide grit and diamond grit cut abrasive materials with precision, producing an excellent finish. 

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