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Tension Leveling Technology From Another World

The SES Super Leveler Has Arrived

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The SES new Super Leveler delivers the power and control to efficiently run today’s Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS) and heavier gauges. With other-worldly strip tension of 280,000 LBF+, the new SES Super Leveler provides the ability to tension and accurately elongate the strip during processing. The result: flatter, more dimensionally accurate product with reduced residual stresses.

SES combines their own proprietary leveling technology with the BTU Bridles to create the SES Super Leveler. The unique SES/BTU Bridle design supplies up to 300% more tension while reducing threading times, enhancing productivity and minimizing yield loss.

The design of the BTU Bridle allows the unit to open completely, eliminating the threading problems associated with Pinch Rolls, S-Type and/or Plunge-Type Bridles.  

The Super Leveler is used wherever added processing muscle is needed—Tension Leveling, Cut-to-Length Lines, Pickling Lines, etc. and will fit in the same envelope as most current equipment, with minor modifications.
Whether a new line or upgrade of an existing line, the SES Super Leveler with BTU Bridles will efficiently process advanced high strength and heavier material.  

SES is the exclusive provider of the BTU Bridle in the North American universe.

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