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Thermatool Releases Flying Shears and Welder

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Thermatool Corp., East Haven, Conn., has released the CFI High Frequency Welder and the Alpha Mach II Flying Shears.
The Alpha Mach II Flying Shears cut tube and pipe up to three inches in diameter for double cut or 3 ½ inches for single cut. The 5-horsepower shears are programmable for multiple batch production and offer distortion-free shearing at high speeds with the double-cut dieset option. The shears cutoff has a new option that offers 1 millimeter or less in cut-length accuracy.

The 300 kW CFI High Frequency Welder operates at fixed frequencies between 150 and 800 kHz. The welder features a current-fed inverter design to allow welding most metals efficiently and economically, the company claims.The welder has low-weld power output stability and regulation for welding at mill jog speeds to reduce scrap and send less open seam to the cutoff, reducing damage.

For more information, call 203-468-4100 or visit www.thermatool.com.

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