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ArcelorMittal's Shift to EAF in Canada Gets Boost

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ArcelorMittal and the government of Canada have announced the investment of $1.4 billion as part of the steelmaker's decarbonization efforts. As part of the plan, ArcelorMittal will install new DRI and EAF plants at its Dofasco facility in Hamilton, Ontario, designed to reduce carbon emissions by 60 percent.

The intended investments will reduce annual CO2 emissions at ArcelorMittal’s Hamilton, Ontario operations by approximately 3 million metric tons. This means the Hamilton plant will transition away from the blast furnace-basic oxygen furnace steelmaking production route to the DRI-EAF production route, which carries a significantly lower carbon footprint.

ArcelorMittal will introduce new manufacturing processes that contribute to a considerable reduction of CO2  emissions and deliver other positive environmental impacts including the elimination of emissions and flaring from coke making and ironmaking operations, the company claims.

The investment is contingent on support from the governments of Canada and Ontario. The Canadian governments  announced a contribution of $320 million to the project.  

“The plans we have announced today represent a historic moment for ArcelorMittal in Canada and North America, marking the beginning of a new era of steelmaking in Hamilton,” said Aditya Mittal, CEO ArcelorMittal. “We are very pleased to be in partnership with the Government of Canada - as partners, we all recognize that it is vital to accelerate our carbon emissions reduction and strengthen our climate action. Indeed progress in the next decade is vital if the world is to reach net zero by 2050.”

The new DRI and EAF will be in production before the end of 2028.