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Array Signs Supply Deal with SDI

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Array Technologies, a leader in utility-scale solar tracking solutions,, has signed a long-term agreement with Steel Dynamics to provide a fixed supply of coil for Array’s U.S. projects.

SDI, headquartered in Fort Wayne, Ind., will source the coil from its flat-roll steel mills located in Indiana, Mississippi and Texas. The agreement utilizes automation for efficiency and fosters local job growth, reinforcing Array’s commitment to strengthening U.S. manufacturing.

“Array’s collaboration with Steel Dynamics is a powerful affirmation of our dedication to a robust and flexible domestic supply chain,” said Kevin Hostetler, CEO of Array. “Through this agreement, we are not only continuing our ability to source in excess of 85 percent of our tracker product content domestically – leading the industry – but also reducing risks related to delivery delays and quality issues for our customers.”

This strategic partnership allows Array to expand its domestic content offerings, further reducing risks for its customers.

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