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Athader, Leveltek Sign Strategic Agreement

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Athader, a Bradbury Group Company located in Spain, has signed a strategic agreement with Leveltek International for the worldwide supply of stretch leveling cut-to-length lines. The agreement came after Athader was awarded a contract by a European service center for a line of this type. This will be the third installation of an Athader/Leveltek stretch leveler CTL line.

Athader-Leveltek stretch leveler cut-to-length lines incorporate a number of features to improve efficiencies, the companies claim. These include automatic coil loading and threading; pre-leveler for crossbow and coil set correction; brushing system for scale and dust removal; flying shear; robotic and highly automated bundle storage system; and system for monitoring production and incidents on the line using Athader’s Matrix software. The line also comes with Leveltek’s non-marking grips.

These features will result in a 50 percent production increase compared to stretch cut-to-length lines with a start-stop shear, the companies say.