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Blue Blade Bouncing Back from Fire

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Blue Blade Steel is recovering from a recent fire at its operations in Kenilworth, N.J. The fire affected some operations in the building, with production moved to a different area of the facility. Furnaces at the facility are being tested and calibrated this week.
“As we continue our efforts to recover from the recent fire in our building we have called on a lot of support for our contingency plan from neighbors, suppliers, and the steel community both domestic and abroad and the response has been overwhelming,” a release from the company said.

The four-alarm fire in late October at the facility, where Blue Blade hardens and tempers strip steel, resulted in no injuries.

“We thank the steel community, our employees and everyone helping us rebuild for reminding us this is just a temporary set-back, and that our reputation and outstanding partners are committed to our continued success,” the company release said.