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Champagne Metals Implements STRATIX ERP Software

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Champagne Metals, an aluminum flat-rolled service center and coil processor headquartered in Glenpool, Okla., has implemented the STRATIX metal service center software from Invera, a metal industry software specialist.

Champagne Metals implemented a full complement of STRATIX features such as on-line production planning, coil and sheet cut-to-length processing functions, shop floor receipt of goods, shop-floor production recording and packaging with bar code scanning, as well as on-line shipment planning, sales, purchasing, receiving, inventory management, multi-step production, production scheduling, delivery and logistics planning, non-conformance reporting, invoicing, and financials.

“The smooth implementation of the STRATIX enterprise software has been an important achievement by the Champagne Metals team. I cannot begin to quantify the benefit of implementing a software, where our company didn't miss a beat and our customers didn’t experience major disruptions,” said Mike Champagne, president. “Selecting a metal industry software with a proven track record eliminated an enormous risk for our family owned company. I would say my only regret with our new valued partner Invera and their software STRATIX, is that we didn't implement this software 10 years ago.”

For sales, Champagne Metals benefits from the Sales Order Entry function, where the aluminum coil or sheet product can be entered along with the production specifications such as the gauge tolerance, width and/or length tolerance, and packaging.
For production, using the Production Planning screen, multiple order items can be highlighted and grouped together to create a single cut-to-length job. The production staff then use the scheduling functions to move jobs from one machine to another on-line.

The shipping department uses Transport Planning to view all orders to ship on-line, and build the required loads. The loading personnel also use a Wi-Fi hand-held functionality to verify the load, which helps ensure customers receive precisely what was ordered.


"The STRATIX software has allowed our company to substantially reduce the amount of paper at our service center,” said  Ryan Painter, CFO. “All production planning and scheduling is done on-line, and this has in turn provided superior visibility of the sales orders, at each phase of production until the final shipment. We are proud of the fact that we implemented this software in ten months with no software modifications, which allows us to move forward and keep our focus on our valued customers."

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