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Chemcoaters Launces FeGuard

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Chemcoaters, a provider of corrosion-inhibiting metal coatings for several industries, has successfully developed and launched a thin-film coating for cold-rolled and hot-rolled pickled and oiled steel. This thin-film coating, named FeGuard, is the first of its kind to offer significant corrosion protection to these substrates. FeGuard is designed for application to master coils on Chemcoaters’ coil coating line and is aimed at providing alternatives to lower zinc coating weights. 

Chemcoaters saw a need to bridge the gap between carbon and galvanized product performance and satisfy customer needs for beyond 24-hour humidity vs. salt spray testing. After rigorous development, FeGuard was engineered.

“This was an ‘aha’ moment! When exposure time in the salt spray chamber could be counted in days, not hours, the product began to compete with galvanized substrates like EG, and then eventually made its way to HDG equivalent performance,” said Brit Capizzano, R&D director. This salt-spray benchmark over hot & cold-rolled steel is the first of its kind, Chemcoaters claimed.

Offering corrosion resistance at thinner film thickness than a traditional paint system, FeGuard can be custom engineered for specific applications. The coating system also offers anti-fingerprint properties and lubricity for forming operations.

Chemcoaters sees potential for FeGuard in capital equipment, metal furnishing and decking markets, among others. ASTM B117 test results can be obtained on the Chemcoaters website at