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Digital XOM Marketplace Goes Live in U.S.

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XOM Marketplace has launched to serve the metals supply chain. The new digital platform is designed for buyers and sellers of steel, stainless and aluminum. It also handles plastics.
The traditional process for buying or selling materials is inefficient, wasteful, and lacking in transparency, executives said. XOM eliminates manually drawing up order lists or requests for quotes, searching for offers, sending emails, making follow-up phone calls, waiting around for people to return calls.  Without having to overhaul their businesses, companies can save valuable time on their offer and procurement processes—freeing up capacity for more profit-generating work, the company claims.

XOM Materials is already enjoying success in Germany and other European markets, having gone live there in 2018. XOM Materials is focused on mills, service centers and distributors and has been very successful partnering with mid-cap and international materials companies. The expansion of the online marketplace into the US marks a major milestone in the company's growth. XOM is adding new partners all the time and the product catalog is growing accordingly.

"The go-live of XOM Marketplace in the U.S. is a proud moment for me and my team," says Tim Milde, COO at XOM Materials." As we grow, so do our customers—both sellers and buyers. At XOM we believe that digital is the only way forward. And that's a journey we're excited to be a part of."

XOM Marketplace aims to serve all types of buyers and sellers of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and plastics. By simply logging in, buyers can connect with various suppliers, investigate new sources, and see what established sellers have on offer. Sellers can use the platform to serve existing customers better and quickly add new ones, simplifying their workload and ensuring sales run smoothly.

The digital platform facilitates the ordering process by connecting buyers and sellers so that they have more time to devote to strategic aspects of their business. The company currently has 50 people working in its offices in Atlanta and across Europe.

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